Maria Zakharova said that the developers of “Smart Voting” “in one way or another” are associated with the Pentagon

The IP addresses associated with the technical support of the service of Alexei Navalny ‘s Smart Voting policy are mainly located in the United States. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said this on the air of Radio Russia, TASS and  RIA Novosti reported .

Roskomnadzor has established IP addresses. It was found that the servers and technical support of the very application “Smart Voting”, on which our law enforcement agencies have already expressed their position – these IP addresses mainly come from the United States. This is the largest territorial group from which attempts to bypass the blockages are coming from – the United States.

Zakharova added that the developers of “Smart Voting” “are somehow connected with the Pentagon.”

“This is what I understand hysterics,” Navalny’s press secretary Kira Yarmysh commented on her words.

Earlier, the chairman of the ad hoc committee of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty and counteraction to interference in the internal affairs of Russia, Andrei Klimov,  said that the testers of Smart Voting are associated with Roman Rubanov, the former director of FBK , who has been working since 2019 at the American aerospace company Momentus, founded by the first deputy chairman Sberbank Lev Khasis and Russian businessman Mikhail Kokorich.

“The company works with the Pentagon. Its president is a former Pentagon employee, and its executive director is a former US Deputy Secretary of Defense, ”Klimov said.

In Momentus documents , Brian Cabot is named chairman and chief executive officer , and his biography says nothing about working for the US Department of Defense.

Roskomnadzor is blocking Smart Voting services in Russia, citing the project’s connection with FBK.

On September 9, Roskomnadzor  demanded  from American corporations Apple, Google, Cloudflare and Cisco not to allow Smart Voting to bypass the locks in Russia.

On August 10, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the US ambassador, stating that “American ‘digital giants'” are violating Russian laws “in the context of the preparation and conduct of elections to the State Duma.”

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