“Don’t keep us on the hook of reforms”: Kuleba harshly spoke about the EU’s unwillingness to accept Ukraine

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister believes that it is not a matter of reforms: the European Union is simply not politically ready.Foreign Minister stated that Ukraine does not have any disagreements with the European Union on the importance of reforms / photo REUTERSForeign Minister stated that Ukraine does not have any disagreements with the European Union on the importance of reforms / photo REUTERS

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba states that the European Union is not politically ready to grant Ukraine membership, and this issue does not concern the implementation of reforms.

Kuleba said this during the Yalta European Strategy forum, commenting on the prospects of Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

“I am not asking for an exception for Ukraine, no! What I am asking for, I am proposing, and I am never complaining, is about acknowledging the simple fact that it is not just about reforms when it comes to joining the European Union. – EU members to accept another country as a member is not only based on reforms. Stop keeping Ukraine on the hook of reforms , “Kuleba said.

The Foreign Minister states that the reforms are important and he supports them, and does everything possible to transform Ukraine.

“But I’m tired of seeing other countries educate us with reforms and not tell the truth – that we don’t want you in the EU because we are not politically ready! Not because you are not ready for reforms! And again, I want to avoid any “What a misunderstanding, we need reforms for the sake of this country, we will continue the reforms – and this is an absolute fact. We do not seek (get) any excuses. Stop treating us this way,” the minister stressed.

The Foreign Minister stated that Ukraine does not have any disagreements with the European Union on the importance of reforms.

“I agree that the threshold for accession is now much higher than before. But I insist that the issue of accession is primarily political. And if you look now at the Western Balkans, you will see that they (reforms – UNIAN) are being implemented now. while we are talking. It’s about politics, “Kuleba said.

“If the European Union decides at the internal level that Ukraine is one of us, we will see a completely different dynamics of support for the promotion of reforms. This is the decision that must be made,” the minister said.

Earlier, the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid said that Ukraine is “light years” away from meeting the criteria for accession to the European Union. According to Kaljulaid, during her presidency for 5 years Ukraine has not shown progress in meeting the Copenhagen criteria.

In addition, in August, in an interview with Ukrainian journalists, Kalyulaid said that  Ukraine would need 20 years to be ready to join the EU. Also, according to the President of Estonia, the Ukrainian state will not be able to become a member of NATO until it regains its territories. Kalyulaid  urged her country’s citizens not to invest in Ukraine .

Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Stefanishyna saw in Kalyulaid’s statement on the 20th anniversary of Ukraine’s EU membership a “signal of the EU  ‘s unwillingness” to expand .

From February 21, 2019, Ukraine’s irreversible course to join the EU and NATO is  enshrined in the Constitution .

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  • “Earlier, the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid said that Ukraine is “light years” away from meeting the criteria for accession to the European Union.”
    This ignorant skank has obviously gone over to the dark side.
    Light years are a measure of distance not time, cretin.
    Ukraine won’t be joining the EU anytime soon. Probably never. Because it is crawling with putter grovelling countries. Ditto Nato.

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  • A Ukraine hostile towards Russia has no future, it is a very sad but true fact. Ukraine will not go anywhere until the Crimea is surrendered. Otherwise the bullshit will continue forever. Not to mention the rampant corruption. Ukraine needs a new leader, a new attitude. What happened in Belarus is a crying shame and i hope Ukraine will never step into such trap ever, nevertheless Ukraine cannot afford – neither financially nor strategically – to be at war with Russia. Ukraine needs a full reset or it’s Game Over.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ukraine has no choice but to be at war with the Russia. If someone broke into your house I bet you would fight back too, eh?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Difficult to say if the former landlord is the one breaking in… I know i will not get any applause with my views, so i rest my case. I already gave up on Ukraine, so the pain is fading. If ever anybody would have told me 17 years ago what kind of bullshit will await me when i met my girls, i would have turned away. I don’t blame Kyiv for Russia’s fucking invasions, but i blame them for making a settlement of the conflict impossible. Wally was right a few years back. Anyway, i am busy with my own life and health anyway, so i don’t care not very much what crap Russia and Ukraine produce day by day no more. As long as you guys still have the patience and love for Ukraine i can only applaud your endurance and hope you’ll keep it up. Heroyam Slava!

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        • Ukraine did not make a settlement impossible. That’s on Putin’s shoulders. All Putin will allow Ukraine is to be under his thumb. That is the only settlement Putin will allow.

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        • You are always applauded for your efforts Mike. It is also understood that its natural to tire from burdens. When I tire I go back to February 2014 when the Moskali switched ammo from rubber bullets to real bullets. It could have stopped there but Putin wanted more. Then the invasion of Crimea and the theft, torture and murder there. It could have stopped then but Putin wanted more. Then the invasion of Donbas and all the theft, kidnapping, torture and screams from children stepping on landmines. It could have stopped then but Putin wanted more. I will not tire and I will not break. Now I suspect I am too old to fight with the sword so I must fight with the pen and continue to remember that evil thrives when good men sit back and do nothing. The Moskali must pay for their fascism and Ukraine has done nothing wrong in my eyes. Hang in there bro in any form you can.

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  • The EU is inadvertently doing Ukraine a favor. Ukraine will try to enter this club of bureaucratic maniacs by moving forward with reforms, which in either case is good and necessary. After a few more years of chasing the EU carrot, Ukraine will realize that it can (and, hopefully, should) live without EU membership. I hope that it will remain independent.

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