UN General Assembly to keep Crimea, Donbas issues on agenda for new session

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has decided to keep occupied Crimea and Donbas on the session’s agenda.

Some 71 countries voted to support the motion, while 12 were against it, and 45 abstained during a vote held on Thursday, September 9.

The item “Situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine” was included in the draft agenda of the 76th session, under the title “Maintenance of international peace and security,” according to the organisation’s website.

The next, 76th session of the UN General Assembly is set to start in late September.

Zelensky may take part in the 76th session remotely

The possibility of a visit by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to the UN General Assembly is currently being considered, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said at an online briefing on Thursday.

He added that no final decisions are yet to speak since the format of participation in the General Assembly also provides an opportunity to speak online.

The top diplomat added that it is important for the Ukrainian president that each of his visits is meaningful and effective. 

“Therefore, we will decide whether it will be a physical visit to the General Assembly or it will be the president’s online participation in the UN General Assembly,” Kuleba said.

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  1. The UN vote is a great guide to the world’s shithole countries. Out of those that voted for this resolution, the majority might just as well have voted with the shithole countries, as they are no friends of Ukraine.

  2. And there you have it: 71 countries with some semblance of decency, 45 slimy, slippery, shyster regimes and 12 filthy putlerite rat shit regimes.

  3. I noticed Uruguay also voted in favor, while Israel did not. We should cut all money for Tel Aviv, maybe Putin will send them a cheque instead.

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