The Armed Forces of Ukraine will completely change the fleet of command and staff vehicles with new and modernized models

The ceremony of handing over the military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on August 23, 2020

Telekart-Prilad, which is part of the League of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine, together with the Main Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, implements a number of projects related to improving the communication and automation process in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In particular, the first model of Khorunzhiy armored personnel carrier (deep modernization of BTR-60M from Praktika NGO) was shown at the parade, which the Armed Forces leadership plans to use as a budget armored platform to place a standard set of communications as part of KShM.

Previously, such kits were implemented under the Svityaz project on the new BTR-3 and BTR-4. Given the increase in the number of territorial defense brigades and other units that need modern and efficient means of communication, the Armed Forces Command is considering the option of using a cheaper platform, such as upgraded BTR-60/70 for such purposes.

Photo: Telekart-Prilad LLC

So far, the joint decision is being discussed by the private company Telekart-Prilad and the Command of the troops of the species, but so far all the materials have been developed that allow to quickly adapt the existing communication systems for installation on the Khorunzhiy armored personnel carrier platform.

“Our main link is that we have different base chassis with the same functionality (KSHM K-1450). This applies to any car – BTR-70, BTR-60, BTR-3 or BTR-4, as well as to KShM on the car chassis from different manufacturers that have the necessary parameters, “- said in an exclusive comment Defense Express Director of support of system projects of Telekart-Prilad LLC Oleksiy Savitsky.

KShM Photo: People’s Army

According to him, a special shop has been set up for this task at the enterprise, where the whole range of equipment needed for filling new KShM (on any base) is mass-produced. In turn, the customer’s representatives are directly involved in the inspection of all these products, whose comments (if any) are processed immediately.

“Currently, we can say with confidence that if we have an order, we will be able to provide it 100%!”, – said the representative of “Telecard-Device”.

Photo by the press service of the Command of the Communications and Cyber ​​Security Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It should be added that today we know about the shipment to the Armed Forces of 20 units of new command and staff vehicles K-1450 from “Telecard-Device” (different types) with a unified set of communications and control, but with different types of armored chassis – armored personnel carriers. 3, BTR-4, BMP-1, etc.

Telekart-Prilad also carries out measures to adapt smaller off-road platforms (such as Renault Midlum and KIA KM-450) for their use as CSMs by integrating standard communication kits.

So, the other day the commander of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Yevhen Stepanenko told reporters that in 2021 it is planned to conduct state tests of prototypes of command and staff vehicles K-1450-05 and K-1450-06 on a modern automobile base.


“These machines (K-1450-05 and K-1450-06) have passed preliminary tests and we are currently preparing a package of documents for state tests. According to the plan, such products will be delivered to the Armed Forces by the end of this year, ”said Oleksiy Savitsky, adding that the chassis for these models (manufactured by Renault and KIA) was not chosen by the company, but is“ toll ”and can be replaced if necessary. for other options suitable for TTX.


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