Putin announced the lifting of restrictions on air travel between Russia and Belarus. “You didn’t tell me about it,” Lukashenka was surprised

The Russian government has decided to lift restrictions on flights between Russia and Belarus imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports “Russia 24”.

The statement was made at a joint press conference of Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, at which it was announced that all union programs for the integration of Russia and Belarus had been coordinated.

“You didn’t tell me about it,” Lukashenka responded to Putin’s words about lifting restrictions on air travel. Then he thanked Putin.

The President of Russia noted that before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there were over 200 flights a week between Russia and Belarus, now there are 36 of them. Putin expressed hope for a quick restoration of air traffic.

Also at a press conference, Putin said that the price of Russian gas for Belarus in 2022 will remain at the 2021 level. In addition, he added that Russia will provide Belarus with about $ 630 million in loans from September 2021 to December 2022.

The authorities of Russia and Belarus have been discussing the  political integration of the two countries since 1999  . These negotiations intensified in 2019 – reportedly at the initiative of the Russian authorities, which were looking for ways to extend the powers of Vladimir Putin. Draft union programs, or “road maps” for integration have never been published. Residents of Belarus protested against the integration of the country with Russia.

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  • “You didn’t tell me about it,” Says Lukashenko. Well he better get used to it because he lost the election and gave Belarus to Putin before there can be another election. Putin is in complete charge now, right under everyone’s noses and nobody cares. There will be an exodus of young people and the region will become like a very large Transdnistria with elements of Chernobyl. And what does the alphabet soup in Europe say?

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