Most Russians Say Their Country is Isolated – Poll

A majority of Russians believe that their country is isolated on the world stage, according to an independent poll published Wednesday. 

Russia has made global headlines in recent years for its strained relations with the West over a litany of disagreements, from alleged election meddling and espionage to Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and the eastern Ukraine conflict.

According to the independent Levada Center polling agency, 57% of Russian respondents say their country is isolated internationally compared to 38% who hold the opposite view. 

Russians’ positive attitudes toward China (70%) and Belarus (82%) far exceed their positive views of Ukraine (39%) and Georgia (55%), which both have strained relations with their larger neighbor.  

Positive views toward the U.S. (39%) and European Union (46%) also lagged far behind those of Russia’s allies.

Yet positive attitudes toward the West and Ukraine are gradually improving following a notable drop in spring 2021, Levada’s latest results said. In March and April, the EU and U.S. issued new sanctions against Russia over the treatment of poisoned and jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny while tensions ratcheted up over Russian military buildup near the Ukrainian border. 

Levada also said that 44% of Russians believe that Russia should treat the West as an ally while 29% say it should be treated as a rival, 13% as a friend and 5% as an enemy.

Younger Russians aged 18-24 were most likely to favor treating the West as an ally (50%) or as a friend (21%) compared to Russians aged 55 and older, who were most likely to back treating the West as a rival (33%).

(c) The Moscow Times


  • “A majority of Russians believe that their country is isolated on the world stage, according to an independent poll published Wednesday.”

    Levada need a follow up question to this poll, and ask the sheep why they think Russia is isolated on the world stage? Also the poll does not mention which countries have isolated Russia. The US under Biden, nope, the EU, nope, the UK, partly, Ukraine, definitely, the Baltics, definitely. This is yet another example of Russia making external enemies where none exist.

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  • The sad truth is that until there is a free media, there will always be a dictatorship in that fucking shithole. But you can’t have a free media without getting rid of the dictatorship. Putler knows these facts and he and whatever bastard takes over from him will continue on the same lines. Only an economic crash, a democratic revolution, or a determined sanctions regime from the west will remove the cancer of putlerism.

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  • Until we get real leaders in place in the West to change the current situation, mafia land is much too free to do business as usual. The few sanctions have hurt but they do not fit the crime. It is unfortunate that the first to suffer from across-the-board hammer sanctions would be the people and they would have to suffer the most too but all this would be a necessary evil to get rid of a worse, all-encompassing evil. It could have been accomplished years ago already and a new start committed by now with mafia land which could now be Russia. But, for the eunuchs in the West … the cowards, corrupt cretins, incompetent deadbeats … dialogue is their medicine for everything. Thus, we still have a filthy, crime-ridden regime in Moscow and in Minsk and a war, and stolen territories, abused human rights, murdered opposition leaders, lies, corruption and poverty.
    In the end, mafia land is not isolated enough.

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