Lukashenko calls Russia and Belarus “native states”

He also promised a “breakthrough” in the integration of the Union State.Lukashenko met with Putin again today / REUTERSLukashenko met with Putin again today / REUTERS

At a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the head of the Belarusian regime, Alexander Lukashenko , stated that Russians and Belarusians are “practically a single people.”

Belta quotes Lukashenko’s words . In particular, he said a rapid breakthrough in the implementation of integration programs within the “Union State” of Belarus and Russia.

“We are moving, like all civilized countries. Only together, only in the union, native states, close peoples. Almost a single nation: from the same root and Russians and Belarusians. We do our job, and they (citizens of Russia and Belarus – ed. .) let us be evaluated, “Lukashenko said.

It is noteworthy that before the presidential election in Belarus and large-scale street protests, Lukashenko led a completely different rhetoric in the context of relations between Moscow and Minsk. In particular, he repeatedly criticized the Eurasian Union formed by Russia .

Back in January 2020, he spoke emotionally about the conflict with Russia over the supply of energy resources – gas and oil.

“Sorry, we were put on cancer by hydrocarbons, and no one looked at it – to spit on all the unions and so on. He (Vladimir Putin – ed.) Knows it. And we are trembling, afraid to defend their country,” – said Lukashenko. 

After the start of large-scale protests, Lukashenko said that President Putin had promised him comprehensive assistance “to ensure the country’s security.” On September 8 last year, Lukashenko declared his readiness to continue integration with Russia, noting that in the event of a “fall” of Belarus, Russia would be next.

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