Ukrainian-Turkish partnership aims to oust Russia from helicopter repair market

Pakistan wants to repair and modernize its aircraft in Ukraine
Photo: Military Review

The new Turkish-Ukrainian team seeks to obtain contracts for the maintenance of Russian and Soviet-made helicopters, thereby reducing Russia’s influence in providing such services.

The Turkish Aeronautical Association, together with the Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrspetsexport, aims to join forces to provide repair and maintenance services for Russian and Soviet Mi-17 helicopters to customers around the world.

Thus, the parties seek to oust Russia from the repair of these helicopters, which are operated in different countries.

The Turkish Aeronautical Association and Ukrspetsexport signed an agreement to join forces in servicing aircraft in August at the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Turkey.

Helicopter Mi-171 of the Iraqi Air Force

Turkish Aeronautical Association CEO Jemal Balikci said maintenance and repairs would cost $ 2.5 million for each Mi-17.

Under the new agreement, both organizations will evenly distribute the proceeds for helicopter repairs.

Mi-171 Ghana with board number GHF-695. 2017. Photo: AirplanesGH🇬🇭

To work on the repair of Turkish and foreign Mi-17 helicopters, a new industrial site for maintenance and repair of aircraft will be created in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Spare parts and engine tests will be conducted in Ukraine by Motor Sich.

It is expected that the next order for aircraft repairs, within the framework of the Turkish-Ukrainian partnership, may come from Libya, Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Afghan Mi-17 helicopter during repairs at the Aviacon plant Photo by the company’s press service

In 2018, Ukraine won a tender for the repair and modernization of 17 Mi-17-1V helicopters of the Turkish gendarmerie. The total cost of the deal is $ 40 million.

Mi-17 is the export name of the Soviet Mi-8MT multi-role helicopter, developed by ML Mile Design Bureau in the early 1960s. The most massive twin-engine helicopter in the world, one of the most massive helicopters in the history of aviation. More powerful engines – TV3-117BM – were installed on Mi-17-1B helicopters.


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