Lukashenko will propose to the Belarusian parliament to cancel the readmission agreement with the EU

Alexander Lukashenko decided to submit to the lower house of the Belarusian parliament a bill suspending the readmission agreement between Belarus and the European Union. This was reported by the press service of Lukashenka.

The agreement defines the mechanism for the transfer, acceptance and return of persons who have violated the conditions of entry, stay and residence. In the near future, the corresponding obligations of our country will be “frozen”.

The bill on suspension of the agreement was prepared in response to the “unfriendly actions” of the European Union, the press service of Lukashenka noted.

Belarus and the EU signed a readmission agreement in 2020. According to it, Belarus is obliged to accept back its own citizens or citizens of third countries (if they have a connection with Belarus, for example, received a visa or a residence permit there), who are subject to deportation from the European Union. Similar obligations extended to the EU countries.

In June 2021, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry announced that it was starting the procedure for suspending the readmission agreement with the EU. This happened shortly after the European Union imposed sectoral sanctions against Minsk due to the emergency landing of the Ryanair flight , as well as against the background of the crisis in Lithuania provoked by the flow of illegal migrants from Belarus.

As the migration crisis developed, Lithuania began to send foreigners detained after crossing the Belarusian-Lithuanian border back to Belarus. Also, Latvia and  Poland refused to accept them , which, following Lithuania, faced an increase in the flow of illegal migration from the Belarusian territory.

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One comment

  • “Alexander Lukashenko decided to submit to the lower house of the Belarusian parliament a bill…”
    That’s only a sham. This is no “bill”, it’s an order.
    The EU should grand political asylum for every Belarusian while concurrently sanction each and every Belarusian politician and their families and anyone associated with them, starting with loony and his entire circle of acquaintances. These sanctions should go hand-in-hand with hammer sanctions against loony’s money giver, mafia land.
    But, none of this will happen…

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