The FSB and the General Staff of the Russian Federation to be recognized as terrorist organizations

The text of the draft resolution is not yet available on the parliament’s website.The authors are marked by five people's deputies / photo kubnews.ruThe authors are marked by five people’s deputies / photo

Deputies suggest that the Verkhovna Rada appeal to the UN to recognize the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces as terrorist organizations.

The relevant draft resolution appeared on the parliament’s website.

The authors indicate five people’s deputies. However, the text of the document itself is not yet available on the Council’s portal.

During Russia’s occupation of Crimea, FSB security forces regularly detained those who disagreed with the regime and abducted Ukrainian citizens, taking them in an unknown direction.

The FSB officers in Ukraine themselves are regularly exposed for organizing provocations and sabotage in the regions. In addition, Russia’s intelligence services are also involved in recruiting Ukrainians to leak confidential information about the aggressor country’s armed forces.

In the world, the FSB has a tarnished reputation. For example, Russian intelligence officials have been accused of organizing cyberattacks and attacks on Kremlin critics abroad.

Russia introduced occupation troops to Donbass in 2014, and since then part of the eastern territories has been temporarily under the control of LDNR armed criminal groups.

During the war at the front, according to UN estimates , more than 3.3 thousand civilians were killed and more than 7,000 civilians were wounded. In 2020, 50 Ukrainian soldiers died in the environmental protection .

In 2014, Russia also occupied Crimea, holding a pseudo-referendum under the control of the Russian Armed Forces on the alleged “accession” of the peninsula to the Russian Federation. The Kremlin’s actions were sharply condemned by the European community – the EU imposed a series of sanctions against Russia.

Author: Yana Stavska

(c)UNIAN 2021


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