New roof, renovated classrooms and canteen: the European Bank invested in the renovation of a school in Odessa Bolshevik

In the Odessa secondary school №41, which in the Odessa village of Bolshevik, major repairs were carried out – the roof, facade and internal premises were repaired, abandoned buildings were restored and the adjacent territory was ennobled. If earlier no more than 250 children studied at the school, then this year the number of students has almost doubled. The Dumskaya correspondent attended the opening ceremony of the school.

The school was built in 1896 and functioned first as a parish school, and a little later as a seven-year school. Only in 1936 school No. 41 appeared here. It survived both a fire during the Second World War and a major flooding due to a dam blown up in the Luzanovka area.

Even 20 years ago, the school was considered the sports pride of Odessa, students received medals and awards in various sports disciplines almost every week. But in the last decade, the level of education in the school has significantly decreased and today it is known as one of the worst schools in Odessa. The school leadership is convinced that one of the reasons for poor statistics is the lack of comfortable conditions for learning. Until recently, there was not even a full-fledged dining room here, and the toilets were outside.

Almost a year and a half ago, a major reconstruction started here. A large-scale project was implemented within the framework of the Emergency Credit Program for the Recovery of Ukraine on terms of co-financing from the local budget. The investor was the European Investment Bank, which allocated about UAH 21.8 million for the modernization of the school. Another 10.9 million hryvnia were spent from the city budget.

“I am glad that our bank has become a part of this project. This school is just one project out of 246 objects that are being implemented on the territory of Ukraine as part of the early development program of Ukraine. It invests in the renovation of hospitals, schools, kindergartens and social structures. Their implementation has a qualitative impact on the quality of life of citizens. Since 2007, the European Investment Bank has invested more than 7 billion euros in improving infrastructure, roads, transport and business sectors in Ukraine, ”says Roy Draikot, Senior Sector Specialist for the European Investment Bank.

As part of the reconstruction, it was possible to restore an abandoned building, built in the century before last. For a long time there were workshops and a shooting gallery here, and in recent years the premises were abandoned. Now pupils of grades 1-4 have been transferred to bright and clean classes. Earlier, children from elementary school studied in the territory of kindergarten №187. Now in the vacated premises of the kindergarten additional groups have been equipped, which made it possible to recruit about 120 more children of preschool age.  

“Now we have 450 children and there is an opportunity to take even more schoolchildren. We really want the local residents not to take their children to other schools, but to take them to us, ”says Anna Kishchenko, director of school # 41.

The general contractor for the modernization of the school was the construction organization Stroyspetstechnika. According to the chief engineer of the contractor company Natalya Morozenko, when they saw the amount of work in the school, they first wanted to demolish the school and build a new one, but the project involved exactly the reconstruction.

“It was difficult to cope with the groundwater as the area is famous for its high groundwater level. Therefore, the pumps worked around the clock at the construction site. About two thousand tons of garbage were removed from here. As a result, we replaced the underground communications, the boiler room, restored the stadium, did what was within the project and even more, ”says Natalya Morozenko.

Within the framework of the Emergency Credit Program, four more projects are being implemented in Odessa – renovation of the building of the polyclinic of the city hospital No. 8, as well as three schools – No. 31 at Gastello Street, 90-A; No. 39 on Uspenskaya, 20 and No. 49 on David Oistrakh Street, 12. They plan to complete their renovation by the end of October this year.

Author – Nadezhda Markevich


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