Graham: US to help develop Ukrainian air defense, modernize Navy, supply Javelins

By Interfax-Ukraine. Published Sept. 6

The United States will strive to increase air defense capabilities, help modernize Ukraine’s Navy, and provide Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missile systems, U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham (Republican Party, South Carolina) has said.

At a briefing following a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Monday, Graham said that the United States’ signal is that they agree with those who say America needs to do more, and they will do more. The United States will strive to increase Ukraine’s potential for air defense capabilities, help modernize the Ukrainian Navy as well as try to provide more Javelins. The United States is going to increase the price that Russia will pay for its aggression.

He said the United States does not want the conflict but wants to reach a diplomatic solution. Graham said that the only language that Vladimir Putin understands is the language of power. The United States hopes to make Ukraine stronger militarily and economically. According to the senator, the best thing that can happen between the United States and Ukraine is an agreement on the creation of a free economic area between the two countries.

The senator said the meeting between U.S. President Joseph Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the Oval Office last week was a strong signal of the importance of our relationship because it happened during the Afghan crisis. After what happened in Afghanistan, it is important to show that America is a reliable ally for Ukraine. The best way to do this is to strongly support Ukraine, providing the assistance to preserve Ukraine’s freedom, and send a signal to Putin that Ukraine will never return under his yoke.

The delegation headed by Lindsay Graham (Republican from South Carolina) was attended by Senators John Barrasso (Republican from Wyoming), Ben Sasse (Republican from Nebraska), Tommy Tuberville (Republican from Alabama), and Congressman William Timmons (Republican from South Carolina). They met with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


  1. Since 2014, Ukraine’s military renaissance has been meteoric. In just a few years — and while fighting a war — Ukraine has rebuilt its military into the second largest in Europe in terms of manpower, comprising about 250,000 active-duty troops and 80,000 reservists. In Europe, only Russia has a bigger military.
    Ukraine has a long way to go in modernizing its armed forces, especially when it comes to certain big-ticket items, such as anti-aircraft defenses and the constitution of its littoral navy. In that modernization effort, U.S. aid can play a key role.

    • That would be great for Ukraine. He was a close friend of John McCain and he hates Russia. He is an interventionist and has already said we should go back into Afghanistan. I’m pretty sure he’d do something to get the putinazi occupier scum out of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.
      But could he command enough support to be president?

      • I don’t know. The sad truth is that Graham is too conservative for most of my countrymen, who are soft, pink, fluffy eunuchs.

        • If Trump stands again, Graham would be able to offer a very clear alternative. But I fear that a majority of GOP supporters would probably favour a pro-putler candidate again.

          • Either way, the next elections most likely will not bring another damnocrat into the Oval Office. Biden has made sure of that. This would be the only positive thing about his horrendous term.

            • Breitbart published an article yesterday:


              A commenter posted the following:

              “delporable Insurrectionist”

              “The left told us the adults were finally back in the room. Really? Let’s breakdown their first nine months to date;
              -Gas prices here in SV BA, $5.00 per gallon. Elsewhere near doubling over that of President Trumps tenure
              -Runaway Inflation.
              -Interest rates up.
              -Anemic job growth
              -Mandates for vaccines and masks that don’t work.
              -Plandemic, new variants surging
              -Divisive rhetoric pervasive; race, victim, virtue signal, repeat…. white supremacy, unvaccinated, toxic masculinity, global warming? or cooling? Whatever, transgender rights, killing babies, defund the police, blah, blah, blah…
              -Southern border collapse
              -Daily U.S. COVID cases up more than 300% from Labor Day last year
              -Etc. etc. etc.

              -Cuts to US fracking
              -US pipeline build shutdown
              -Facilitate russian fracking
              -Facilitate russian pipeline build to western europe
              -US energy inflation affecting all consumer goods
              -US no longer energy independent
              -Biden begging OPEC to increase production

              Foreign policy;
              -Newest entry; China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran Will Work with the Taliban
              -Instability with every foreign adversary
              -Servicemen and women killed
              -Civillians killed
              -Terrorists armed with $82billion of state of the art US atrtillery. (Treason?)
              -Terrorists have free reign to operate in Afghanistan. (Treason?)
              -State of the art US atrtillery/Tech will likely be sold to China/Russia/Iran. (Treason?)
              -A kidnap/ransom list of in country US citizens given to the taliban. (Treason?)
              -China saber rattling in Taiwan and nearby japanese islands
              -Russia saber rattling at Ukraine border
              -Iran saber rattling regarding nuclear capabilities
              -Allies questioning US support
              -Etc. etc. etc.
              And that’s just the short list…… these people are inexperienced morons. 50 years of cashing government checks doesn’t make you a statesman, it doesn’t make you wise, it doesn’t make you accomplished, It makes you a life long welfare geriatric recipient….”

              I thought that was a pretty good summary! Breitbart was a good site under its original owner, then Steve Bannon took over and it became a putlerite site. It has a new owner now and there are promising signs are that it is abandoning its putler-grovelling.

              • That’s a mind-boggling list!
                If this asswipe of a president can accomplish such misery and failures in only eight months, what else can he do during the rest of his term? I wonder if Bernie the commie could have been worse or even the cackling hyena Harris.

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