Odessa officials spent less than 20% of the planned amount on infrastructure projects

Today at the Mayor’s Office at the traditional staff meeting on Mondays, officials talked and reported on the use of money invested in infrastructure projects in Odessa.

The first to make a presentation was the new acting head. Vitaly Savich, Director of Economic Development of the City Council. He told how much has been done in the city for the improvement and showed pictures – the renovated Novoshchepnoy Ryad, traffic safety, overhaul and reconstruction of medical institutions and schools, the arrangement of the Citizen Service Center in the Malinovsky District, the purchase of new trams and large electric buses, the reconstruction of Ivanovsky overpass and so on.

But by the end of the presentation, it turned out that for all these projects two billion hryvnias were provided in the city’s budget, and only 492 million were allocated, that is, 18.2%.

But as it turned out later, the departments and departments of the Odessa mayor’s office did not use the third part of the loan of UAH 1.2 billion, taken to finance strategically important projects.

This was announced by the vice-mayor Svetlana Bedrega, who spoke after Savich.

As of September 1, three structural divisions disbursed UAH 333.1 million, which is 27% of the loan amount. At the same time, the capital construction department spent the lion’s share – 252.5 million hryvnias.

The Department of Municipal Services worked only UAH 53.1 million – 14.8% of the planned, and the Road Administration even less – UAH 17.6 million, that is, 6.1%.

The vice-mayor asked the managers of the funds to use them more actively, and if it is already clear that it will not work, report it to the finance department.

“The sooner we have a complete picture, the sooner we will be able to carry out the redistribution, and other divisions will have more time to use credit funds,” summed up the chief financier of the Odessa mayor’s office.



  • The rest on villa’s in Florida,France, Italy,Hawaii…………………….Progress: They dont hide corruption anymore in Odesa!!!! With Zenny in control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Zelensky promised the people what, during the election campaign? If he can’t even get Odessa free of corruption, how will he ever get the country free of it? Clearly, the TV clown is not “the man”.

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