Arestovich says refugees from Afghanistan are more educated than “average Ukrainian” (video)

The adviser to the head of the OP announced the appearance of the first camp for 5,000 refugees in Ukraine.Arestovich spoke on the topic of Afghan refugees / screenshotArestovich spoke on the topic of Afghan refugees / screenshot

Adviser to the Head of the President’s Office, Speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG Oleksiy Arestovych made a new ambiguous statement.

In a recent interview with Ukrlife, he tried to compare Ukrainians and refugees from Afghanistan. As a result, the comparison did not benefit the former.

In particular, Arestovich acknowledged that the refugees would go to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, saying that the authorities were already preparing for this.

“This problem is fully realized by the country’s leadership, we are preparing. The first camp of 5,000 people will already be here, from Afghan refugees,” he said, adding that the costs will be covered by the state budget of Ukraine.

Arestovich believes that such a number of refugees the budget “will definitely survive”

“It should be understood that these are not wild Mujahideen with daggers in their teeth, they are an educated public that has worked with the Western coalition, knows languages, is often more educated than the average Ukrainian, and is integrated into the Western community. There will be no problems with them,” Arestovich said. . And he admits that refugees will be able to be “used” as translators in Ukraine.

Watch the video starting at 33:00.

Earlier, Arestovich made several ambiguous proposals. So he proposed to rename the Russian language , and later came up with the idea to give a new name to Ukraine .

Author: Ivan Boyko

(c)UNIAN 2021


  • “… is often more educated than the average Ukrainian…”
    This statement confirms the fact that this shit nugget is as stupid as he looks. It’s uncanny how I can recognize stupidity a mile away. No wonder, since I’ve been dealing with Ruskie trolls for over 7 years and this in every possible configuration. At any rate, this doofus will probably profit in some way from the Afghans., otherwise he wouldn’t be so enthusiastic having them in Ukraine. Ukraine is not being intelligent, letting them in. It should take an example from Poland instead of Germanystan.

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  • Verkhovna Rada Chairman Dmytro Razumkov reacted harshly to a statement by Oleksiy Arestovych , a freelance adviser to the head of the President ‘s Office , who tried to compare Ukrainians and refugees from Afghanistan.

    On Ukraine 24 TV channel, Razumkov advised Arestovich to “go to the Taliban.”

    “I promise to comment on Mr. Arestovych for the last time. He can then go to the Taliban as an adviser if they are more experienced and educated there, and he can share his experience there. I think he will be useful there,” said the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament.

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  • This guy wants to change the name of Ukraine to Rus-Ukraine, and the name of the Ukrainian language to Ruthenian. Obviously a true patriot, of Russia.

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  • Ukraine is infested with islamists. Zelensky’s government is planning a huge islamization of Ukraine. Ukrainians are still blind and asleep, but this administration is even more dangerous than the ruSSian invaders. Time for a plug-pulling ceremony in Kyiv!

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