US humanitarian cargo with Covid-19 innovative drugs arrives in Ukraine

08:34, 5 September 2021 – Source : 112 Ukraine

A total of 60,000 vials of drugs were delivered with a value of $20 million.

Humanitarian cargo containing 60,000 vials of coronavirus drugs arrived in Ukraine from the United States. After customs clearance, it will be distributed to all regions of Ukraine, according to the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA.

“With the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine, humanitarian cargo was delivered from the United States by the American charity Direct Relief. The latest agreements on receiving this humanitarian cargo were agreed during the visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States,” the statement said.

The cargo consists of the innovative drugs Bamlanivimab and Etesevimab used against Covid-19. The total cost of the cargo reaches $ 20 million. The drug is recommended for patients with mild to moderate coronavirus disease, especially if there is a risk of severe.

“Cargo in the form of 60,000 vials of medicines will continue to be cleared and transported in 24 regions of Ukraine,” the Embassy said.

As we reported, Ukraine would receive two new drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 at the end of the autumn-the beginning of winter.


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