The first stage of the HBK-Tavriya overpass opened in Kherson (video)

Photo: Sergey Kozyr

On August 24, one of the most important infrastructural objects of the region was opened in Kherson – the first stage of the first launch complex of the overpass, which connects the two largest districts of the city – “HBK” and Tavriya.

The roadway has been put into operation – bicycle paths and pedestrian zones will be launched later, after the first stage of construction is completed. In addition to the roadway, bumpers are installed, storm sewers are equipped, external lighting is connected.

The second and third stages of the overpass include the construction of so-called “horseshoes”, which will organize a road junction in the area.

According to law enforcement officers, a temporary traffic scheme will be adopted in the first turn of the overpass.

UAH 300 million was used for the first congress from the state budget, and UAH 350 million has already been received for the second congress.

Implementation of the project began in 2012 after the development of project documentation for the construction of an overpass on the street. Admiral Senyavin – st. Zalaegerszeg, and construction work began in December 2012.


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