The court banned Google and Yandex from showing the phrase “smart vote” in search results

The Moscow Arbitration Court has banned Google and Yandex from showing the phrase “smart voting” in search results. The corresponding decisions ( 1 , 2 ) were made on September 3. 

The bans were issued as interim measures in the claims of the Stavropol company Vulintertrade, which sells sheep wool. 

In July, this company registered the Smart Voting trademark, identical to the logo of the project of the same name by Alexei Navalny. On September 1, Wulintertrade applied to the court for the protection of the trademark.

Wulintertrade filed an application for registration of the Smart Voting trademark on June 29, and already on July 27 received the approval of Rospatent. This process usually takes about a year. 

In early September, Roskomnadzor demanded that Apple and Google remove the Navalny app from stores, stating that the refusal would be regarded as interference in the Russian elections. This application, among other things, has a Smart Voting feature.

In Russia, from 17 to 19 September, elections will be held, including the State Duma.

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  • “In Russia, from 17 to 19 September, elections will be held, including the State Duma.”

    Nope those 3 days will be devoted to make sure no opposition gets into the den of eniquity called the Duma. Nothing resembling a vote will take place, it will be a bunch of terrorists re-electing themselves.

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  • The people will go to the elections, put their useless “x” on the ballot, then the ballots will be collected, taken to the local heating plant and burned. This is the process of voting in mafia land.

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    • I know it’s wishful thinking, but I wish the jellyfish would declare en masse they don’t recognise the Russian election, or it’s government. I remember the Kremlin refused to recognise Poro as president for months after he was legally elected, with opposition allowed to vote.

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  • Of course, only stupid voting is allowed in Russia

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    • Thin-skinned fascist dictator Putin is still deathly worried about Navalny. Actually, Navalny’s clever system of “Smart Voting” just makes common sense but its funny as hell that he continues to try to control a company like Google with their search results.

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