Radio Svoboda has published an investigation into the corruption of Russian MP Slutsky, finding the leaks of his 11-year-old daughter

The deputy’s daughter taught stories about life in an elite villa in Turkey and about a private school in Switzerland.

Journalists from the Russian service of Radio Svoboda found evidence of 11-year-old Lydia Slutskaya , the daughter of Russian State Duma deputy Leonid Slutsky , evidence of the latter’s corruption, whose expenses diverge from the declared wealth. 

Journalists analyzed about 2,000 publications in her account, which was closed two hours after the investigation was launched. 

The identity of the child was established by journalists thanks to photos from the house in Rublevka, where portraits of the deputy and his wife hang on the walls of the rooms. One of the girl’s publications features Slutsky himself, whom she calls her father.

In her tict, Slutsk regularly teaches expensive things, leaving comments like “Rich” and “It’s good to be rich.” In one of the tickets, she used the track from “Bremen Musicians” ” And I love money .”

Journalists emphasize that the materials they found are evidence of Slutsky’s corruption, whose expenses differ from the wealth he indicated in the declaration. For ethical reasons, they did not refer to the found account, but archived everything they could find.

According to the income tax return, Slutsky earned 5.6 million rubles in 2020, and his wife – a little over 250 thousand rubles. Such wealth, journalists suggest, is associated with friendship with Azerbaijani billionaires.

Slutsky has been sitting in the State Duma of the Russian Federation for more than 20 years and is running in the September 19 elections under the second number in the LDPR federal list, immediately after the party’s founder Volodymyr Zhirinovsky .

We will remind, in February the Russian Dozhd TV channel  released  material in which three journalists on condition of anonymity told about harassment from the deputy from LDPR party Leonid Slutsky. Slutsky himself called the accusation “delusional.” The deputy chairman of the lower house of the Russian parliament, Igor Lebedev,  said that the LDPR party, which includes the deputy, would raise the issue of depriving these journalists of accreditation.

In March, Dozhda producer Daria Zhuk  openly accused  Leonid Slutsky of harassment. Later, the same was  stated by the  Deputy Editor-in-Chief of RTVI Kateryna Kotrikadze and the correspondent of the Russian Air Force  Farida Rustamova . Instead, Tamara Pletneva, chairwoman of the State Duma’s Committee on Family, Women and Children  , said she did not believe the accusations and advised journalists to “dress more decently.”

The Duma Ethics Commission found no violations in the actions of Leonid Slutsky. In response, a number of Russian media announced a boycott of the deputy, including  RTVI and the Echo of Moscow radio station .

Employees of the Russian mass media accused of harassment of two more deputies of the State Duma. Former Radio Svoboda journalist Daryna Komarova blamed cinematographer and MP  Stanislav Govorukhin , and Nastoyaschego Vremya journalist Renat Davletgildeev blamed  Volodymyr Zhirinovsky . Mr Davletgildeyev called on other men to openly report similar incidents by Russian politicians and government officials.

Photo: collage of Radio Liberty



  • The Duma Ethics Commission?????????????

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  • “Slutsky himself called the accusation “delusional.” The deputy chairman of the lower house of the Russian parliament, Igor Lebedev, said that the LDPR party, which includes the deputy, would raise the issue of depriving these journalists of accreditation.”

    Uncover corruption in Russia, you are a foreign agent. This Slutsky is the worst of the worst, not only was he one of the first Russians to be sanctioned after Russia invaded Ukraine, he has also commited sexual harrassment of women.

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  • It is always safe to assume that each Duma member is corrupt to the bone. Their deputies and assistants too, as well as the secretaries and gofers. Even the janitors and cleaning ladies are corrupt.

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