Some NATO members definitely do not support Ukraine’s accession – YErmak

The US position in the Alliance is one of the key ones, but NATO has many other member states.Andriy Yermak spoke about support for Ukraine's accession to NATO / photo UNIAN, Vyacheslav RatinskyAndriy Yermak spoke about support for Ukraine’s accession to NATO / photo UNIAN, Vyacheslav Ratinsky

Despite US support for Ukraine’s accession to NATO , some other members of the military alliance oppose it.

This was stated by the head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak to RBC-Ukraine .

“The Americans support us in this. However, we all understand that the position of the United States is one of the key, but there are many member countries in NATO. Among them are, as we know, those who do not support Ukraine’s aspirations,” he said. Ermak on September 2.

According to him, Washington is ready to work for Ukraine to achieve the desired result, as well as to support Ukraine.

“And not just to support. America declares that it will not allow any escalation on the part of Russia in relation to Ukraine, and is ready for quite serious steps,” Ermak stressed.

He added that during President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to America, they assured that “in the event, God forbid, of any aggravation, Ukraine will not be left without US assistance.”

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • So name them then. As if we didn’t know already. Nato was formed and still exists for one purpose only: to deter Russia from invading Europe and if necessary, drive it out. The fucking krauts would still require our assistance if the putinazis decided to retake their east wouldn’t they?
    Either the putlerite countries leave Nato (or be kicked out), or those countries that are prepared to fight putlerstan should form a new security and trade bloc: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Britain, Canada, the US, Sweden. Hopefully with Turkey also.

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  • Ukraine should simply stop asking or insisting to get NATO membership. It’s starting to make the country look ridiculous. As long as certain chicken shit countries in NATO don’t get rid of their yellow streaks down their backs, this will be only an endless story.

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    • Some Nato members; Germany and France in particular, want to be free to be hostile to America and Britain and friendly with putlerstan, whilst maintaining the masquerade of Nato membership.
      And we have been allowing them to do this for decades!
      As for Biden and his shit regime, they are far more comfortable doing business with countries that hate them than their traditional allies.

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      • It’s crazy that in today’s crazy world with not only a mafia land to worry about but an every growing bat virus land, you would think that NATO members and the US would be more pragmatic in their relationships with trash countries. It is dangerous to drift apart like this in face of such potential dangers. This doesn’t even include the entire muslim world, waiting to bid its time. This has a lot to do with all those weak, woke, gender-crazy, pink fairy leaders that we have. This won’t end well if it keeps up like this.

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