In Russia – a new hysteria: a member of Putin’s party declared Ukraine an enemy, and got Kazakhstan (video)

Some of the threats were addressed to Russia’s partner, Kazakhstan.Zatulin declared Ukraine an enemy of Russia / screenshotZatulin declared Ukraine an enemy of Russia / screenshot

Russia has staged a new hysteria over the Crimean Platform summit in Kyiv . This time, a portion of statements addressed to Ukraine was issued by the scandalous State Duma deputy from Proputin’s United Russia, Konstantin Zatulin.

Journalist Denys Kazanskyi drew attention to this , collecting Zatulin’s scandalous statements in his video blog.

On the air of the propaganda resource, he declared Ukraine an enemy of Russia and stated that everything should be done to “such a Ukraine cease to exist.”

He also said that Ukraine had “betrayed the idea of ​​an alliance with Russia,” and that all the country’s residents were allegedly to blame. The Russian Federation, according to the deputy, should “fight for people” in Ukraine and “finance this work”.

It is noteworthy that Zatulin also suddenly began to threaten Kazakhstan, which is an ally of Russia and a member of the Customs Union.

Cooperate with Russia, no one encroaches on the past, does not require you to return North Kazakhstan, anything else. Do not cooperate with Russia – so you open a “Pandora’s box” and claims can really be made. Ukraine could also save the Crimea and even Sevastopol would be part of it if it behaved decently and honestly towards Russia, “he said.

Thus, in Russia once again recognized the fact of occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine and aggression against it.

“No Ukrainian nationalist could inflame anti-Russian sentiment as boldly as the Russian government itself does,” Kazansky said.

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  • “Cooperate, we let you live. Insist on Independence, you die.”

    Gosh, who does that sound like? The same person he probably claims to have defeated in WWII.
    Where’s my vodka?……

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  • англійський масон

    moskovia has no ‘allies’ or equals. In the eyes of moscokia everyone is the untermensch.

    They have have an even lesser opinion of the Kazakhs than the other nazis had of the Jews.

    moskovias master plan is always to kill enough people until they love us and realise we are saving them.

    The Russian Federation, according to the deputy, should “fight for people” in Ukraine and “finance this work”. Which says everything about the nazi terrorist state.
    moskali, like all nazi states, all stalinist states and all dictatorships believe in the mantra ‘If you have them by the Balls, their Hearts and minds will follow’.
    They have learned nothing from History, every single Country who have ‘occupied’ another and fought against a Guerilla movement have had their Arses well and truly kicked, Anyone remember Afghanistan vs. the moskali?

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  • I’m sure that certain shit nuggets, like this vile Konstantin Zatulin, have been inserted into the Duma by the sewer rat himself, to do the dirty talk for him.

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