Vasya Oblomov and direct flights Kiev-Moscow. Who was the first to throw the stone?

Pavel Kazarin

Responsibility for the actions of a state always rests with the citizens of that state.

Russian performer Vasily Goncharov ( aka Vasya Oblomov) was outraged by the ban on direct flights Kiev-Moscow . He called this ban ” stupid” and said that no one in the world benefited from this, – writes Pavel Kazarin for Crimea.Realii .

Sometimes you start to forget about the magnitude of the drift that has happened over the past eight years. And then some of the Russians, who claim to be neutral and detached, begin to comment on reality – and you again begin to feel this distance.

Banning direct flights is not a ” benefit” story . Not about lobbying for railways and transit flights. Everything that happened is just an echo of the war unleashed by the homeland of Vasily Goncharov against Ukraine. He probably forgot that his country’s airlines fly to the occupied Crimea. That Kiev has closed Ukrainian airports for violators. And Russia put an end to the question, which in response decided to ban flights of Ukrainian flights to its territory.

For a particular Vasya Oblomov, everything that happens may cause inconvenience. But he owes this inconvenience to his country. The same one that occupied Ukrainian territories is killing Ukrainian citizens and holding political prisoners in its prisons. And everything that outrages the Russian man in the street is only a consequence of the policy pursued by his state.

Of course, the Russian guest can say that he did not vote for Putin. That he does not support the course of the Kremlin. That he is not going to be responsible for the policy of Moscow – just as, for example, he is not responsible for the hurricane that came from the territory of Russia. That and that and another for him is only an element that he does not control, and which does not depend on him.

And when a Ukrainian border guard starts to peer at him at passport control, the Russian citizen begins to get nervous. Why should he pay for the actions of the country? Does he have power over the leadership of his country? Does she somehow depend on him? So why should he be responsible for her actions?

And we can even nod sympathetically to him. Indeed, in Russia, the power has really not changed since 1991. Because Yeltsin has appointed Putin as his successor. Putin appointed Medvedev’s successor. And Medvedev then handed over power to Putin again. No surprises. But all this does not change anything at all.

Because the institution of citizenship itself implies not only rights, but also obligations. A state’s diplomatic success can make travel easier for citizens. In the same way, aggression and wars can complicate the same freedom of movement. Vasya Oblomov can separate himself from the policy of official Moscow, but this does not cancel either Moscow’s policy or the inevitable consequences.

Among these inevitable consequences is the presumption of mistrust that arises in a state that has become a victim of the Russian invasion. Calls to cancel concerts of citizens of the aggressor country. Inconvenient interview questions and emotional comments on social media.

Independence, sovereignty, the vector of development – all this exists only as long as there are people who are ready to defend it

It makes no sense to be indignant at all this. Moreover, if the chronology of the last eight years is restored, then it is immoral to be indignant at all this. There is no Ukrainian army on the territory of Russia. Russian citizens are not imprisoned for hanging the flag of their country over their houses. Probably, it is for this reason that Vasya Oblomov finds it difficult to understand the emotions of Ukrainian citizens. However, the lack of empathy can hardly be considered a virtue.

Responsibility for the actions of a state always rests with the citizens of that state. Moreover, this is a universal rule. If at some point some Ukrainian politician is tempted to break the rules of the game, everyone will be able to feel the consequences. Regardless of whether they voted for him or not. And precisely for this reason, the turnover of power in our country remains an undeniable merit. If only because it allows Ukraine to work on its mistakes.

And in Russia this option is not available. Which, however, does not change the situation in any way. If Vasya Oblomov wants to resent the circles on the water, then he should clearly address complaints to those who first threw the stone. That’s all.

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  • “If Vasya Oblomov wants to resent the circles on the water, then he should clearly address complaints to those who first threw the stone. That’s all.”

    Unfortunately for this guy, if he did that, he would die.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Worse, they could immure in the gulag and work him to death. A simple murder would be better.

      Nothing will happen, however. Russians are used to tyranny as it is all they have known.

      Liked by 1 person

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