Vladimir Putin confused the Northern War with the Seven Years – and a schoolboy corrected him. The school director said that the student should be more modest

On Knowledge Day, September 1 in Vladivostok, Russian President Vladimir Putin talked to schoolchildren who are winners of various competitions and Olympiads. At this meeting, Putin mistakenly stated that Peter the Great fought with Sweden during the Seven Years War .

Did Peter the First perpetrate the Seven Years’ War? Well, why did he fight the Swedes for seven years? And in general, the battle of Poltava, can you imagine where is Sweden and where is Poltava? 

Nikanor Tolstykh, a schoolboy from Vorkuta, whose question was answered by Putin, after the president finished speaking, corrected him – he recalled that the war was called Northern and lasted 21 years. Putin himself agreed that he was mistaken and said to Tolstykh: “Thank you for the amendment.

After the incident , the headmaster of the school, Yulia Ryabtseva, spoke about him – in an interview with Rise, she criticized the student’s actions, expressing the opinion that the reason for his behavior was his young age, which implies “a certain arrogance”. 

Probably, this is a combination of youth, when there is still a lack of communication with people occupying a position in society, and healthy ambitions that allowed Nikanor to achieve certain results. My age would no longer allow me to act this way in dealing with the president. 

Ryabtseva also lamented that people only over the years begin to understand that “there must be modesty in order not to correct Vladimir Vladimirovich, among other things.” At the same time, she called Tolstoy “a star and good boy.”

At the same time the teacher teenager Elena Grozny in an interview with “Gazete.ru” said that he was “well done”. She expressed the opinion that the other schoolchildren present at the meeting “kept silent because they did not know about the war or were ashamed,” and admitted that, probably, she herself would not have corrected Putin either. 

The fact that he corrected the president suggests that the child cannot hide something wrong and, in principle, will not lie, there is such fearlessness. 

The teacher noted that Tolstoy “studies a lot on his own with a history teacher” and said that he himself admitted the possibility of becoming a teacher in the future.

(c)MEDUZA 2021


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