SBU: Police officers caught taking $1,000 per day in bribes from truck drivers in Kherson

Suspects made about $1,000 (Hr 25,000) per day on the scheme since October 2020, according to the investigation. The bribes were allegedly collected in Kherson, a city of 290,000 people located 550 kilometers south of Kyiv. 

Four people, including three police officers, were caught taking bribes from truck drivers operating overloaded vehicles instead of fining them, Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) announced on Aug. 30.

During the searches, SBU officers confiscated an unspecified amount of cash and bank cards. As of Sept. 1, the SBU detained two suspects while two others remained on the loose. 

Overall, about 40% of trucks in Ukraine are overloaded, according to analytics website Slovo i Dilo

Trucks only represent about 10% of the vehicles on the road in Ukraine but they cause more than 90% of the damage to the roads, Oleksandr Kubrakov, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, told media outlet Novoye Vremya in 2019. 


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