Putin said that without the 1917 revolution and the collapse of the USSR, half a billion people would live in Russia

On September 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the All-Russian Children’s Center “Ocean” in Vladivostok and talked to students.

Among other things, Putin said that up to half a billion people could live in Russia, if not for two events – the revolution of 1917 and the collapse of the USSR (hereinafter quoted by RIA Novosti).

Over the past century, Russian statehood has crumbled twice. After the 1917 revolution, the Russian Empire ceased to exist, Russia lost colossal territories in the west, in the north, and gradually recovered. And then there was also the collapse of the Soviet Union.

We must carefully analyze this, what was the trigger for these events. If they hadn’t happened, we would have had a different country. Some experts believe that our population would be under 500 million people.

According to the last All-Russian census, conducted in 2010, the population of the Russian Federation was 142.9 million people.

The population of the Russian Empire, according to the first general census, held in 1897, was estimated at 125.6 million people.

In 1920, when the first general census in the Soviet Union took place, there were 147 million people in the country. The last all-Union census took place in 1989. According to her, the population of the USSR was 281.7 million people.

(c)MEDUZA 2021


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