CNN: Taliban will create a system of government in Afghanistan, like in Iran – with a supreme leader who will be the main political and religious authority

The Taliban will create an Islamic republic in Afghanistan with a system of government similar to that of Iran. The Indian television channel News18, which is part of the global network CNN, reported this with reference to sources.

The first person in the power hierarchy will be the supreme leader – he will be considered the formal head of state, as well as the highest political and religious authority. According to News18, this person will be the current leader of the Taliban, Haybatullah Akhundzada. He will also be the leader of the Supreme Council, which will have between 11 and 72 members.

The executive branch is supposed to be headed by the Prime Minister. This could be Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who now heads the political office of the Taliban, or Mullah Yakub, the son of the first leader of the group, Mullah Omar.

For the most part, the supreme leader will be in Kandahar. Where the government will work – in Kandahar or Kabul – News18 does not specify. The final decision on the structure of power in Afghanistan is expected to be made within a week.

Foreign Policy reported on August 24 that the Taliban had no plans to reinstate the presidency or other sole leader in the country – and that the country would be ruled by a 12-member council. At the same time, the newspaper reported, some members of the previous government may join the cabinet to make it look “as inclusive as possible.” 

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