Bolton Ukrainian’s celebrate country’s 30th year of independence

The Bolton News

30th August 2021

By Lyell Tweed

Bolton Ukrainians celebrating the country’s 30th anniversary of independence at Bolton Town Hall

BOLTON’S Ukrainian community celebrated a hugely significant milestone last week.

The Ukrainian Association of Bolton celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian independence on August 24 with a celebration in Victoria Square.

The town hall was lit up in the country’s blue and yellow, an event which was the first of its kind in the UK.

Yaroslaw Tymchyshyn, chair of the Bolton branch of the association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB), said: “The Ukrainian community has been in Bolton since 1948 and this was the first time the splendid Town Hall was lit in blue and yellow in all that time.

“This is the longest period of independence in modern Ukrainian history.

“We celebrated the remarkable achievements of the nation and its people since 24 August 1991, alongside praying for the lives which tragically continue to be lost in defence of democracy.

“The singing of the spiritual hymn to Ukraine, the Ukrainian National Anthem and God Save the Queen was accompanied by the Hoover Brass Band.

“A huge thank you to all members of the community, both local and from neighbouring towns, who turned-out in force to mark this historic occasion.”

The community was joined by the mayor of Bolton, Counsellor Minister Andriy Marchenko from the Ukrainian Embassy and Mr Petro Rewko, national chairman of AUGB with the Right Reverend Bishop Kenneth Nowakowsy, Ukrainian Bishop of the UK and Ireland.


  1. The FB page of the Ukrainian Embassy in London proudly republished this item of micro news, so I thought it would be nice to show it here.
    Bolton is a friendly northern town with a photogenic town hall and a well known football club : Bolton Wanderers. It is famous for being the home town of the much loved comedian Peter Kay. I didn’t know it had a Ukrainian diaspora until now.
    Although I have never visited, several of my antecedents come from this old Victorian industrial centre.

    • I didn’t know that either Scradge.

      I knew that Ukrainians had lived in the UK for a long time. but where and how many still remains a bit vague.

      It would be interesting to know.
      We are in Cambridge by the way.

    • I know Bolton quite well. I lived about 10 miles from the place. Most of the Victorian buildings have disappeared now. I don’t think any factory chimneys are left standing, or Victorian houses. Quite a few famous people have ties to Bolton, either lived there or was educated there. Footballers, Franny Lee, Alan Ball, and probably one of the greatest, Nat Lofthouse. Ian McKellen was educated there, and Fred Dibnah, who was responsible for knocking most of those chimney’s down.

      • I remember watching Fred’s TV escapades with my dad!
        As for Peter Kay, I wasn’t a fan until I saw his Car Share series. Very naturalistic, gently funny and warm-hearted, with a romantic undercurrent. Brilliant stuff!

        • Fred was one hell of a character, but I didn’t go along with his thoughts about the Victorian values he admired. Any man who can drink 5 pints at lunchtime then climb a 200 foot tall chimney with no safety gear, has my respect.

      • The picture above kind of reminds me of the Ukrainian village just west of downtown Chicago. It is very well kept and quiet. Sometimes I wonder the purpose for the name. But then on a holiday or a Sunday during Christmas or Easter seasons and you’ll find Ukrainians everywhere walking through the streets.
        Which reminds me of the nickname the Eastern Slavs gave to the Ukrainians. I believe it started in the 8th or 9th century when the eastern slavs ventured farther east and met Ukrainians. They wanted to form a meeting since everyone was so nice and helpful but the eastern slavs doubted there were enough people there to make any difference. Ukrainians came out in droves for the meeting which the eastern slavs began to refer to them as “The Ants.” :))

  2. A comment from “ImpartialObserver”

    “Happy Anniversary to our Ukrainian brothers, here’s to Ukraine remaining independent forever more!”

    “Yaroslaw Tymchyshyn, chair of the Bolton branch of the association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB), said:

    “This is the longest period of independence in modern Ukrainian history.”

    That period must continue forever.

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