Ukrainian Cyclone-4M rocket to be launched from spaceport in Canada next year

The head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Volodymyr Taftay said that the first launch of a new Ukrainian Cyclone-4M launch vehicle from the spaceport in Canada is planned for next year.

For Ukraine, such work is of great importance, because in this case it is about the actual revival of full-fledged rocketry in Ukraine and the return to the club of space countries, without the participation of specialists and components from Russia.

“We have a lot of projects and interactions with European countries, we also focus on joining the European Space Agency, we work closely with American companies. Next year, we plan to launch the Cyclone-4M missile in Canada. There are a number of projects that are being actively worked on, and I hope that we will be able to implement them in the near future, ”Volodymyr Taftay said in an interview with UNN.

Model of the bow of the Cyclone-4M launch vehicle

Separately, the head of the Ukrainian space agency said that by the end of this year is expected to approve a five-year space program with appropriate funding. This will allow not only to create and launch Cyclone-4M, but also to develop and build its own orbital group of satellites. This, in turn, according to Vladimir Taftay, “will allow to very qualitatively and quickly identify issues and solve problems related to defense and security.”

“This year we plan to approve a new space program for five years – until 2025. Therefore, from the end of this year and the beginning of 2022, we expect full funding for the industry. Returning to the economic part, it should be understood that, although the space industry has not been funded for many years, it continues to be cost-effective for the country as a whole. Every year, Ukraine receives about 1 billion hryvnias in budget revenues without even investing in this industry. Therefore, even a small investment will result in significant benefits and revenues for Ukraine as a whole in the coming years, ”Volodymyr Taftay stressed.

It should be noted that despite the difficult years for the Ukrainian space rocket industry, Ukraine continues to participate in a number of projects together with our Western partners.

For example, the Antares middle-class missile carrier program is being implemented with Northrop Grumman. A whole galaxy of Ukrainian companies provides the manufacture and maintenance of the main structure of the first stage of the launch vehicle.

The developer of the main structure of the first stage was SE “CB Pivdenne”, manufactured by SE “VO PMZ” together with Ukrainian enterprises “Hartron-ARKOS” (Kharkiv), “Kyivprilad”, “Hartron-YUKOM” (Zaporizhzhya), “CheZaRa”, “ RAPID ”(Chernihiv).



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