Ukrainian athletes set a world record by dragging the “Dream” plane (video)

Photo: Alexander Naumenko

Eight Ukrainian strongmen set a world record on August 26 with the An-225 “Dream” – the largest aircraft in the world.

Transmitted by the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  CTS .

They dragged the aircraft 4.3 meters in 1 minute and 13 seconds. Athletes used metal ladders fixed to the ground as a support.

It was initially stated that the weight of the “Dream” is 285 tons. However, the chief pilot of the aircraft Dmitry Antonov said that taking into account the fuel, the giant airliner weighs 330 tons.

To move the An-225 from the place, the athletes had to make an effort with all four limbs. For a successful result, the effort per foot of each athlete had to exceed 500 kg.

The day before, the athletes made seven attempts to move the “Dream” during training, but during the most successful attempt, the plane rolled back only 10 cm from the starting position. At the same time, during the first training, the rope connecting the strongmen and the An-225 broke, and it had to be replaced with a more reliable one.


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