Ukraine’s envoy to UN: Claims of Russians, Ukrainians being “one people” refuted on Donbas battlefields

Ukraine’s envoy to UN: Claims of Russians, Ukrainians being “one people” refuted on Donbas battlefields

30.08.2021 10:00

Tales of “one people” and Ukraine as a “failed state”, circulated by Russia, have been refuted on the Donbas battlefields, says Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Serhiy Kyslytsia.

That’s according to Ukrinform’s own correspondent in New York.

“Russia made a miscalculation when they tried to deny the Ukrainian nation the right to exist. “Fables about the ‘one people’ and ‘failure’ of the Ukrainian state have been refuted in Donbas battlefields, where the aggressor was stopped,” Kislytsia said at a New York event wrapping up celebrations of the 30 anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

According to Kislytsia, Ukraine has many enemies, but the archenemy is “our internal squabbles.” “This is what our enemy dreams of – that we bleed each other white. Let’s not allow this to happen!” the diplomat said, addressing the diaspora.

Kyslytsia considers common values ​​and love for own land to be the strongest form of unity of the people: “This is what makes the population of a certain territory a single nation, majestic in its diversity.”

The permanent representative noted that this applies to both Ukraine and the United States – but not to Russia. “They chose another way of self-identification – through aggression towards others. The path is obviously losing in the strategic perspective and is unacceptable for the vast majority of the international community,” Kyslytsia stressed.

Therefore, according to the diplomat, Russia hoped in vain for global silence in response to armed aggression against Ukraine. This is confirmed by the annual resolutions of the UN General Assembly on Crimea and Donbas, as well as the successful inaugural Summit of the Crimea Platform.

“This is clear evidence that Ukraine, together with the world community won’t stop until the final liberation of all temporarily occupied territories and restoration of the territorial integrity of our state within internationally recognized borders,” said Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

As reported earlier, on July 12, Russian President Putin published an article “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” which claims, among other things, that Ukrainians and Russians are one people.


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