Biden must stop Nord Stream 2 now or never – NYT

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, at his upcoming meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden, will have “a final chance” to insist that the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline must be stopped, because the U.S. leader may stop it “now or never,” according to an article published in The New York Times.

“The time to stop the project, now on the cusp of completion, is running out: It’s now or never. At the risk of souring an enjoyable encounter, Mr. Zelensky should tell Mr. Biden in no uncertain terms that Nord Stream 2 must be stopped,” the article reads.

According to The New York Times, it is still possible to stop the construction of “Putin’s beloved gas pipeline” as a number of U.S. congressional members and European leaders support the idea.

Although Biden began his presidency at a stage when Nord Stream 2 was more than 90 percent complete, “all it would take to stop it completely is for the Biden administration to reverse its recent waiver on additional sanctions on Nord Stream 2.

Although this option is the “best-case scenario” for Zelensky, the Ukrainian president should also insist on extra assurances in his meeting with his U.S. counterpart.

According to the article, Zelensky should demand from the United States assistance in financing and building the infrastructure necessary for the development of alternative energy in Ukraine, and “he should press Mr. Biden to discuss how Ukraine — with American funds, training and assistance — can bolster its defenses, reform its military and deter Russian aggression.”

The meeting will be an excellent opportunity for Zelensky to enhance the relationship between the two countries, but it is also a final chance to stop Nord Stream 2.

“If he can persuade Mr. Biden, it would be a major victory for all of Europe, protecting it from a strategically disastrous dependence on Russian gas,” the article reads.

However, if Zelensky fails, “the only winner will be Russia, and no amount of compensation can reverse that.”

Zelensky and Biden are due to meet on September 1.



  1. Biden has not closed our borders even though many have said that it should and that it’s only creating lots of problems.
    But, Biden is a senile fool. Biden does not care.
    Biden has thrown Ukraine under the bus to cozy up to the Ruskie rat and the kraut Muslima.. Here too, many voices told him that it was a mistake.
    But, Biden is a senile fool. Biden does not care.
    Biden has made a fiasco out of Afghanistan. He did everything wrong that could be done wrong. Countless voices are crying out to end this disaster.
    But, Biden is a senile fool. Biden does not care.
    And the message “The time to stop the project, now on the cusp of completion, is running out: It’s now or never.” will fall on deaf ears as all the others.
    Because Biden is a senile fool. Biden does not care.

    • Ukraine can not rely on Biden for anything. Beyond being a senile fool, he is corrupt to his core and is available to the highest bidder. The people behind Biden are even worse. They are the spawn of Satan.

      If you are not familiar with end times prophecy, it would behoove anyone reading this to familiarize yourself with it. Final choices are going to be available to everyone to accept Christ as savior, along with the truth, or to reject and end up going through hell in a hand basket after the US is removed from a position of influence and the revelation of the beast of Revelation. You do not want to be here when the tribulation starts.

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