A country of happiness? What do those yearning for the USSR believe in

Borislav Bereza

Borislav Bereza

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation

Some people think so. That is why they miss the USSR – the country that did everything for the people. She even broke up to make people free and happy

How can you not love the USSR? After all, there were so many wonderful things in the USSR, and everything was for people . Remember how wonderful the products were. Remember the same half-rotten potatoes that all Soviet vegetables smelled like? Do you remember evergreen tomatoes? Do you remember the dumplings that stuck together in a pack of one dumpling, because they were defrosted and frozen several times? And we ate it. With pleasure. After all, there was no other on the shelves.

Do you think that this is because under the USSR the quality of food was low? No! This prepared us all for difficult times. We were taught to survive. And they taught. Because not every person can survive if he is fed with what was in Soviet stores. Now in supermarkets there are 6 varieties of tomatoes and 20 types of bread, and then there were tomatoes and bread. Without varieties and types. And people yearn for those times. Because there was no problem of choice. They took what was, if it was on sale at all.

And the queues? Remember the amazing queues back then? We stood behind everything. For groceries, furniture, books, boots and clothes. And in these lines, we were taught not to get tired, not to let those who want to skip the line and then rejoice that we managed to buy such scarce things as toilet paper, cigarettes or toothpaste. In those lines, Soviet people met, got married, gave birth to children and died, but did not give up. Indeed, in these lines we were taught to be resilient and enduring. And on the subcortex of a Soviet person, next to the words: “Where on the washed?” was also imprinted: “Where out of line ?!”. It is now possible for a queue for a new iPhone, but then people stood in line for a home phone for 10 years. And not everyone was waiting.

And what about grocery shopping? Remember this quest? By the way, the words “ quest “we did not know, but everyone obeyed the general rule – find food or be hungry. Therefore, living in a semicircle on Darnitsky Boulevard, I bought milk in a grocery store near the post office on Malyshko, and then ran for fermented baked milk and draft sour cream on Boychenko. There was a dairy shop and there was a higher chance of buying milk than in a deli. And if someone cannot understand why it was impossible to buy everything in one store, then there was only one reason – there was not only one place. After all, in this way we were taught to navigate the terrain well and, following the rules of the quest, bring home all the products. And if we were lucky, then in the process of obtaining food we could get a bonus – stand in line and buy a blue bird of happiness. The price tag said that it was a chicken, but it was really blue, and it was happiness if you managed to buy it. And we rejoiced at this happiness. And now I went to the store, you look at the assortment and you realize that you don’t need to get anything. You need to put everything in the basket and go to the checkout. But this is primitive, and killed the daily quest in our lives.

Do you remember vodka in the USSR? The names were different – Pshenichnaya, Russkaya, Stolichnaya, Posolskaya, but the people divided them into two types with “twist” and “capless”. And if at first the “peakless cap” had a tail, which was pulled and the bottle was opened, then the tail was removed and opened with teeth, forks, knives. So people were taught to find a way out of difficult situations. And they taught. Because they cared about people. Not like now – I unscrewed it and the vodka poured itself. And no pleasure in overcoming difficulties. And you don’t even have to stand in line for vodka. And what a pleasure it is to drink it without overcoming the difficulty of obtaining vodka.

How well did the people spend their time together? Remember regular party meetings and political information? They turned people into a single organism, which was told who should be hated – Jews, the United States, dissidents, Sakharov, writers. Yes, there was an ideology then. She was misanthropic, but she was. And now the descendants of the Vokhrovites and the NKVDists, the children of party workers and their servants, miss her so much. And many more of them yearn for the words ” blat” and “scarcity”. Because everything of high quality, beautiful, tasty and necessary could be obtained only by pull, because everything was in short supply. What times were! And they are missed.

Do you remember the KGB? There worked ” bright” people who spent their lives fighting dissidents and those who were close to dissent. And the KGB also worked to prevent people from loading their brains with books by Orwell and Bulgakov, Aksenov and Nabokov, Pasternak and Solzhenitsin. And then they will read it – and they will begin to engage in all kinds of freethinking. By the way, the KGB was also engaged in the fight against free-thinking, but apparently not very successfully, because the USSR is still dead. But then people were engaged in ” creativity ”, thanks to cooperation with the KGB. Soviet people with enthusiasm and zeal wrote anonymous letters and slander against neighbors, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and everyone else. Those were the times! And now anonymous telegram channels do a good job with this. But without a soul. People don’t have that creative impulse to write denunciations to the KGB. Out of the habit.

And what were the leaders then? Stalin alone is worth something. What a country he built! It was under him that the GULAG and the Belomorkanal appeared. You can be proud of this? And how did science and culture ” flourish” under him ? In each ” zone” there were professors and actors, academics and engineers, poets and writers. Some were really shot, but as you know, the forest is cut down – chips fly. And there were a lot of such chips from 1930 to 1953. There were 3 778 234 political prisoners, and 786 098 of them were sentenced to death. But these are trifles, right? What country they have grown. True, the people fled from it at the first opportunity, but it was they from a misunderstanding of their happiness in living in the USSR. After all, the USSR was a country of happiness.

And now, looking at all of the above, it is not clear how you can not love the USSR – a country that did everything so that every citizen was a small cog in the general mechanism of a totalitarian regime. It’s happiness for everyone to live together in such a country. Even in a barrack country, but together. And the ice cream was delicious, albeit at 20 kopecks, and everything else was free. But the latter is not certain.

Although people think so. That is why they miss the USSR – the country that did everything for the people. She even died so that people would become free and happy. But not everyone succeeded. And now they sadly say: “What a country they have ruined!” And what will today’s children yearn for if you can buy any ice cream in supermarkets. And now, how can you not love the USSR after all this?

(c) HB


  1. “That is why they miss the USSR – the country that did everything for the people. She even broke up to make people free and happy”

    This is the problem with old Soviets, they need to be controlled, because they have the inability to think for themselves. Luckily these people are dying off every year, but they still pass this shit to their kids.

        • I’m afraid you are badly misinformed. He returned to Ukraine in 2014 and was the brains behind the rebrand and relaunch of the party of regions to what it is now : opposition bloc. Trump was so impressed that he hired him to head up his election campaign 2 years later, using precisely the same strategy that got Yanukovich elected.
          Trump despises Ukraine and his friends and associates are chosen exclusively from the pro-putler camp. Two people who got into the Trump administration: HR Masters and James Mattis; were not in the putler camp and convinced Trump to send arms to Ukraine. They were subsequently sacked.
          The arms that were sent, such as Javelins, were largely symbolic and would not have deterred a full invasion.
          Situation is the same now: Ukraine does not have anything like enough firepower to stop a full scale invasion. Obama, Trump and Biden all failed Ukraine.
          Ukraine badly needs a foul weather friend. Even one would be good.
          And if you think it’s bad for Ukraine, think of Georgia; abandoned by the world and desperately vulnerable.

          • Sometimes I wonder where you get your news and if it is the same planet I get mine. But then again, I don’t spend much time reading hard left drivel.
            Manafort worked for Trump for 5 months and you make it seem like they were brothers. To put things in perspective, the campaign was 18 months long. Just facts here. This is getting really old bro.
            Trump did say some stupid shit about Putin (and others like McCain) but he also helped Ukraine more than any POTUS since Reagan. I’m not worried about someone SAYING SOMETHING but I am worried about someone DOING SOMETHING. Dispute those in a non-robotic way and we might get somewhere. Here’s your chance; show me something that Trump ACTUALLY DID to hurt Ukraine. Not some fucking verbs, show me how he actually tried to damage Ukraine. Then maybe I’ll listen to your old vinyl record ;))

            • Indisputable facts :

              Trump did endorse the theft of Crimea in an infamous interview with Democrat shill George Stephanopoulos. He has never gone back on that and yes it caused enormous damage to Ukraine. It was extremely helpful to Russia as it parroted the kremlin line. He is also the first US president in history to repeatedly praise a fascist dictator.

              Trump created something that did not previously exist: a pro-putler wing of the Republican Party. A whole media movement came out of it. Ann Coulter proposed that it would be good for America if putler was to invade Europe. Tucker Carlson has said twice that he believes that America should actively support Russia in its war with Ukraine. As has another close friend: Michael Savage.

              Another Trump hire: Michael Flynn, a registered Democrat btw, was paid to fly to Moscow to sit next to putler at a dinner celebrating the anniversary of RaT. On the other side of putler was Jill Stein; US Green boss.

              The Dems have Gabbard and butt boy. The GOP has Trump and the Pauls.

              Consider also Ukraine’s biggest friends in the GOP: John McCain, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. These three are (or were in the case of John) also Russia’s most formidable enemies. Then look at the extreme hatred and bile directed at them by Trump. Hardly a coincidence and far worse than anything he said about Hillary, who in fact was a guest at his wedding with Melania.

              Manafort, Stone and Trump are close friends of 40 years standing. They share the same views; that’s why they’re close friends. Manafort did indeed relaunch the party of regions in 2014 to what it is now: Opposition Bloc.

              We know that Trump despises Ukraine and likes putler because of the words that came out of his own mouth. They were reported almost word for word on separate occasions by Kurt Volker and John Bolton.

              We know that Trump believes that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in 2016, because of the words that came out of the mouth of another very close and old friend who also hates Ukraine and supports putler: Rudi Giuliani.

              On record is the meeting at Trump tower :


              Trump Jr claimed it was about the US adoption of Russian children, when it was in fact about getting the Magnitsky Act cancelled. What were the Russians offering in return?

              Trump has not modified his views on Putin, Russia and Ukraine in any way, so if he gets back in power, we can expect more of the same. It is unlikely that any future Trump hires will be sympathetic to Ukraine. Under Trump, Russia will continue to occupy Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Trump will have more pointless, palsy-walsy meetings with putler and nothing will happen. Should Trump win in 2024, Russia’s multi-level war on Ukraine will continue at least until 2028.

              At one point, Trump claimed to have many Ukrainian friends. I wonder who they are, if they exist? One might be the putlerite criminal Lev Parnas. Another might be Andriy Derkash; another putlerite criminal. Another might be Dmitro Firtash; yet another putlerite criminal. Trump knows them all. All are enemies of Ukraine.

              The best you can say about a Trump return to office is that from a Ukrainian standpoint it will not be as terrible as Biden.

              From the British perspective of course it will be much better, so I will have little to complain about.

              • I will go through your letter to see if you have something that Trump actually did to support your theory that Trump “despises” Ukraine. Thanks for your letter.
                You assert, “Trump did endorse the theft of Crimea.
                I went through the video and even read the subtitles and I didn’t see that. But I did see he was quite ignorant about Ukraine. Once again, words not actions
                The next assertion; “Trump created something that did not previously exist: a pro-putler wing of the Republican Party.”
                Once again, he didn’t do anything, most of the votes on Ukraine were unanimous in favor of Ukraine. Pro Russia wing? It’s not a “wing” with zero votes, friend.
                Then there’s more about the Libertarian talking heads like Ann Coulter who you say proposed that it would be good for America if putler was to invade Europe. Michael Savage, Tucker Carlson and the usual guys with only minute influence on Republicans let alone Independents. Still, just words and not even one proof of any actions against Ukraine.
                Ok you have something, Trump hired Flynn to destroy Ukraine, right? He sat next to Putin and probably got some marching orders, right?
                Dinner Dec 2015 and hired a month later and then again, fired a month later. I guess he didn’t have time to destroy Ukraine. Obviously Mueller didn’t think he had much either.
                Then you say Trump “hated” John McCain, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Even though Rubio and Cruz endorsed Trump. Interesting method to destroy Ukraine and once again, just words.
                Then Manafort and Stone again and they’re best of buddies but once again, Manafort is a maggot and not a friend of Ukraine but I don’t see anything that Stone tried to destroy Ukraine either. Who is Stone anyway and what did he do? Did he suggest destroying Ukraine? Then more guilt by association again. And no actions.
                Next assertion; “And again, We know that Trump despises Ukraine and likes putler because of the words that came out of his own mouth.” Your example to support something “We know”?…crickets….. Because he thought they speak Russian in Crimea? It’s sad but true Sir Scradge.
                He did a lot for Ukraine and he’s not the type of guy you can force to do anything. Support went up during the Trump years, deaths went down LETHAL weapons went up but something you didn’t add was having a real ambassador for a lot of those 4 years. Hell, I just gave you more proof than you’ve given me in 4 years to support your assertions.
                And I will say again, here at the edge of feeling offended to have to repeat myself again and again that Americans do not support Putin. Period. If binfuckingLaden said he supported Hillary how many American votes do you think it would get her? Yeah, about 5. There is no difference with Putin. If he advertises to support Trump only a fucking idiot would think he actually supports Trump. But there are a lot of political useful idiots. Putin knows he’s repulsive. You didn’t play much sports did you Sir Scradge? You would be very easy to fight swords with if you believe every first move )
                Trump tower again? She SAID she came to give dirt on Hillary and it turned out she wanted to get Trump’s position on the Magnitzky Act. This has been a full on press by the Moskali since Obama signed the law. The meeting lasted 20 minutes. Is that all you got? What did she offer? In 20 minutes? Lol Because of that meeting its proof that Trump “despises” Ukraine even though they didn’t speak about Ukraine?
                The rest is digging really deep trying to find something the the entire American media didn’t find in 6 years and half of Congress didn’t find in 6 years. So, there’s a really, really good chance….there’s nothing there! There’s no boogiemen under your bed and no monsters in your closet. Just a loudmouthed New Yorker that you never even gave a chance and spent a TON of energy trying to destroy. Look what it got you now Sir Scradge….Biden….MUCH worse than Trump.
                I would advise you don’t be such a fatalist. Don’t expect 100% from people including your close friends. I’d take a 95% friend and I’d take a 95% brother.
                Your mind didn’t change one iota after Trump sent the Javelins, your mind went into automatic overdrive to find a way to give that credit to Congress. There’s not an ounce of fairness there. I know I can’t convince you Trump doesn’t want to destroy Ukraine, that’s your problem, but I can hope, pray and work for the possibility that you can become fair to your fellow man. Slava.

                • How can I be against Trump? He is a friend of Britain and from the UK perspective I very much wish he was president!
                  I simply gave you the indisputable facts about his Ukraine record and the truly terrible friends he keeps.
                  Carlson is not unimportant! He is hugely popular and has even been approached about being a presidential candidate for the GOP!
                  You seem to think I am some sort of blind leftist Trump-hater. I am a Conservative! I support the Tories and the GOP; whoever is in power! Trump is good for Britain and so is his party!

  2. Some peoples simply enjoy balls and chains and a good, strong whip when they’re being bad and a bottle of booze when they’re being good. It’s in their genes. That’s why it’s often a bad idea trying to bring democracy to certain nations. This is the case in mafia land.

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