long-haul TRAIN passenger routes WILL GET REAL MODERN CARRIAGES IN 2022.

Thus, Ukrzaliznytsia has agreed with the Kryukov Carriage Works (KVSZ) for the supply of 100 new passenger cars.  

By the end of this year, 10 such passenger cars will be included in the operating trains. The next 90 cars will be delivered by July 2022. All 100 cars are planned to be used on long-haul passenger routes.

According to the state monopoly, two passenger carriages will be included in the route No. 69/70  Mariupol-Lvov.

“The new cars were built taking into account the wishes of the passengers. In particular, there are no lower stalls in the carriages, and there is room for luggage under the shelf. This will allow you to accommodate oversized luggage. Shelf sheathing is made of wear-resistant materials that can withstand heavy loads. Each compartment has four sockets with two USB ports “, – said in” Ukrzaliznytsia “

In addition, each carriage has a changing table in one of the toilets. All compartments and dressing rooms are equipped with conductor call buttons. Plus, the compartments are equipped with an alarm system: at night, the doors are locked with a lock button, and when the doors are opened, the corresponding signal is sent to the conductor’s compartment. Passenger compartments have vents that can be opened for ventilation .

For the renewal of rolling stock in 2021, UAH 3 billion has been allocated from the country’s budget.

Thus, according to the contract with KVSZ, the plant is to build 51 compartment cars for Ukrzaliznytsia, 12 SV class cars, 20 compartment cars equipped for transporting passengers with disabilities in a wheelchair, as well as 17 compartment cars for transporting passengers with disabilities in a wheelchair. the chair and compartment of the head of the train.

Let us remind you that there have been several complaints regarding the Mariupol-Lvov train recently due to the fact that air conditioning was removed in the compartment cars of the train and the condition of sanitary facilities.

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