Joe Biden is deaf, dumb and blind to the chaos the US has unleashed

The administration is ignoring history by putting blind faith in the goodwill of the murderous Taliban.


28 August 2021 •

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The Taliban, and jihadis around the world, are celebrating that the American leadership has been rendered deaf, dumb, and blind. So dumb are they that the Biden administration allegedly provided the Taliban with names and biometric details of Afghans who have worked for the US over the past two decades, in a show of blind faith that they would allow these at-risk Afghans through checkpoints for evacuation.

Here is an excerpt from a transcript of an exchange between a reporter and Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security advisor:

Q: “Just to follow up, do you – does the administration think that they need the Taliban agreement to extend beyond August 31?”

Mr Sullivan: “As I said, we are engaging with the Taliban, consulting with the Taliban on every aspect of what’s happening in Kabul right now – on what’s happening at the airport; on how we need to ensure that there is facilitated passage to the airport for American citizens, SIVs, third-country nationals, and so forth. We’ll continue those conversations with them.”

That exchange took place just a day before 13 US service personnel and close to 200 Afghans were killed in a terrorist attack. The Marines were there to help evacuate other US citizens, Afghans entitled to Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), and third-country nationals.

Those of us who have been tuning in to these press conferences since the announcement of the over-hasty and chaotic US withdrawal have been treated to some bizarre stuff. But the exchange above was surreal. Those entitled to SIVs are Afghan men and women who worked with the occupying forces of the US government and its allies not only against the Taliban and al-Qaeda but also against other local Islamist groups. They took a huge risk but were reassured that America had their back. Even in the event of a full withdrawal, America would help them out of the country – that surely was why Congress created the SIV programme.

Now, they must all face the reality that an American administration has handed their identities to the Taliban.

In a desperate attempt to explain the terrorist attack that killed the 13 Marines, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that it was carried out by IS-K, not by the Taliban, whom the administration was “consulting with on every aspect of” the evacuation. Taliban, IS-K, al-Qaeda. These are the best-known jihadi brands operating inside Afghanistan. Alongside them are a myriad militant Islamist groups, often aligned with local tribes and clans. They are rivals as much as they are confederates. They have different priorities. But not one of them can be considered a reliable counterparty in the current situation.

In the eyes of the Taliban, the Afghans who worked with the Nato-backed Afghan government and those who worked in any capacity with US armed forces are traitors. The Taliban have already begun the work of retribution. Other jihadi and tribal groups in Afghanistan will be glad to lend a hand.

We’ve seen this throughout history. Think back to the French-Algerian war in the mid-20th century. There was a group of French citizens living in Algeria, the pieds-noirs, who supported the French in the war. There was another group of Algerian Muslims who supported the French too, known as the harkis. When war broke out, both groups were viewed as enemy collaborators by the Algerian Front de Libération nationale. When the French withdrew, thousands of pieds-noirs and harkis managed to escape to France, but those left behind were hunted down and forced to face the Algerian nationals alone. In 2012, then French president Nicolas Sarkozy acknowledged that “France should have protected the harkis from history, it did not do so.”

The US has, itself, been in parallel situations. The Montagnards, a mountainous ethnic group from Vietnam, faced brutal reprisals for working with US Special Forces during the Vietnam War. After the war, many Montagnards fled to Cambodia, as the victorious North Vietnamese targeted them for working with the enemy. Several American Green Berets and veterans fought to evacuate their Montagnards allies to the US. Some got out, but many were captured, tortured, imprisoned or killed.

In Afghanistan, too, ethnic divisions will play a part in the conflicts that will follow the US exit. After the failure of the Soviet occupation, the USSR signed the Geneva accords in 1988, along with the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving tribal animosity to fester. The Taliban, consisting mostly of Pashtuns, rose to power in the 1990s and systematically targeted non-Pashtuns. As Amy Chua writes in her book Political Tribes, in 1998, “the Taliban massacred 2,000 Uzbeks and Hazaras (who for their part had massacred Taliban Pashtuns in 1997)”. Following the US invasion of 2001, the Americans allied with the Uzbek warlords of the Northern Alliance, which in turn took revenge on the Taliban soldiers by “mercilessly” killing thousands.

Earlier this week, US secretary of state Antony Blinken stated that the Taliban “have made public and private commitments to provide and permit safe passage for Americans, for third-country nationals, and Afghans at risk going forward past August 31.” But we’ve already heard many reports to the contrary. Some wishful thinkers would like us to believe that this is a newer, modern version of the Taliban. However, this is not the Taliban 2.0. They are showing us who they are before we’ve even left. Soon after the collapse of the Afghan government, reports stated that they were “going door-to-door and screening names at Kabul checkpoints as they hunt for people who worked with US-led forces or the previous Afghan government”.

The recklessness of the Biden team continues to astound me. It really is as if they are deaf, dumb, and blind – ignoring not only what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan but also what has happened in multiple similar situations throughout history.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, host of The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast, and founder of the AHA Foundation. Her latest book is ‘Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights’


  • The loathsome Biden administration; a hopeless cabal of fools, wokies and party apparatchiks, is essentially carrying on the work of Russian agent Julian Assange.
    Assange, when told that large numbers of British and American intel assets in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, had died terrible deaths at the hands of fiends as a direct result of his Russia-supplied revelations, he said : ‘so what, they were traitors’.
    The Marxist lawyers hired to prevent Assange’s deportation to the states for justice will now be able to say that Assange was only doing what the US government is now doing.
    The Talies, being essentially a murder gang like putler’s lot, have allied themselves to their new friends in the kremlin. Apparently they have forgiven them for invading Afghanistan in the first place.
    No one; whether long term allies like Britain, or potential new allies, will ever trust America again.
    But someone, somehow, has got to patch up the US-UK union, because another serious problem has not even begun to be addressed: the growing closeness of Taliban-loving Imran Khan to putlerstan. The treacherous and slippery ruler of Pakistan, a nuclear armed state that sheltered Bin Laden, yet receives $billions in aid from America and Britain, has done everything he can to enable the Taliban takeover. His intelligence service; the ISI, has been functioning as an extension of the Taliban for years.
    The real winner? :-

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  • Some comments and replies from DT readers:

    John Barry
    29 Aug 2021
    I don’t mean to sound cruel, but perhaps things would have turned out much better if thousands of Afghan men of fighting age had stayed to fight the Taliban rather than seek refugee status in Europe. 
    I read an article several years ago about an Afghan Army Major who had crossed over to Greece with his entire family. The deserter’s brother (and his family) had accompanied him. I remember wondering at the time how painful it must be for UK soldiers to be fighting the Taliban while many Afghan men were simply moving to the UK for a better life.

    Christopher Howes
    29 Aug 2021
    @John Barry Without US air support they knew they could not win but over 50,000 Afghan soldiers gave their lives for their country.

    Bertie Barking
    29 Aug 2021
    Following 9/11, countries aligned with NATO backed Americas invasion of Afghanistan – these countries backed America. Much has been written about 9/11 and those waters are still for some very muddy and questions have not been addressed.
    The British were in Afghanistan from 1839 to 1842 and like many nations who have been there since it has been a total disaster.
    There will be many nations now who will be asking themselves why the suffered such loss of life, a huge cost in those permanently physically and mentally damaged and a huge waste of treasure. They sided on a basis that if you attack one of us then we’re all in it together. The British frozen out by the Americans and heated words exchanged by the American military and the British Armed Forces. To their credit a lot of American soldiers wanted to side with the British to ensure at least some semblance of a withdrawal under such a chaotic and highly dangerous scenario.
    This has no end … terrorism hasn’t been beaten, the American leadership have lost the trust of her allies and dumped on them big time. Nations came to assist America; what sort of future does the Biden administration anticipate now?

    Peter Jenkins
    29 Aug 2021
    When attending a wedding in the USA, I was asked why so many people hated Americans.  My answer was, it’s not Americans that are hated but what various American governments have done, or not done, around the world that has caused some people to hate America.

    It seems to me that the problem may lie with the US media who focus almost entirely on the USA and give little, if any, news on the rest of the world.  The American public, of whom only around 17% have passports, consequently know little about what is happening in the rest of the world.  For example, Biden’s views on Ireland have been shaped by years of propaganda from the IRA about the Brits forcibly ruling Northern Ireland when in reality the protestant majority that made up Northern Ireland do not want to be part of the Irish Republic.  Indeed, I suspect that were a referendum to be held as to whether NI should become part of the Irish Republic the answer would be no thanks we get a lot of money from the UK government that we’d lose out on if we became part of Ireland.  For Americans reading this who don’t know, the greatest per capita share of the total UK taxation goes to Northern Ireland, followed by Scotland then Wales with England bringing up the rear.

    When GW Bush became President he didn’t have a passport.  That tells you a lot about why he didn’t understand that Islamic terrorists and Saddam Hussein were not bedfellows.  He should have finished his business in Afghanistan, that NATO nations joined in because Article 5 of the Treaty says that an attack on one is considered an attack on all.  This has been the only time this has been invoked.  Instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan first, Bush turned to Iraq and screwed that up well and truly.  Meanwhile, Afghanistan has festered on till the US public has grown tired of the “forever war” and, without proper consultation with its NATO Allies, the US has negotiated a disastrous agreement with the Taliban (Trump’s watch) and then botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan (Biden’s watch).

    It is also worth noting that the citizens of many European nations are also less informed than they should be about international situations, are happy to have hardly any worthwhile military effectiveness and more inclined to think about their own individual well being as they have had a peaceful Europe for over 70 years.  Only 2 European Countries have the capability to mount a military operation on their own – France and the UK – and these days not much beyond brigade strength.  Both are still nuclear powers a fact that appeared to astonish Trump – another example of his stable genius.

    So now, the people of Afghanistan who helped the NATO force to fight against the terrorists and Taliban who have been left behind because of a total failure of intelligence on the actual strength and morale of the Afghan National Army have another reason to hate America and, by the way, the UK and other NATO contributors to the Afghan operation.  We have proved once again to the world that the West does not have the appetite for a sustained commitment to help our Allies.

    Unfortunately for the people of the Middle East, they had a lot of oil and this has been the cause of so much chicanery by the Great Powers that they have ruined the lives of so many in the area since the end of WW1 and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.  Since then, the British Empire has become history and shortly the role of America as the World’s Policeman will also if not end then be severely curtailed.  

    We in the west are have to learn how to take a longer view of policy than the 3-5 years that western government typically last.  We are up against countries like China who can afford to take a 30 year view.  If we can’t find a way of doing that we’re going to become irrelevant.

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  • Biden’s reputation is already ruined. This is good. But, so is that of the United States. This is bad. He has not only caused harm to us but to our allies as well. How can this mess ever be sorted out? Will he and his gang of deadbeats ever be held accountable? I doubt it. Thus, it’s in the hands of the voters. However, I have little faith in them anymore as it turns out that they are easy to be manipulated sheep, which can be found in many other countries around the world. Wokeness, money for nothing, uncontrolled immigration and all the other worthless pink dreams are what seems important nowadays. The foundation upon which our country is based and which had made it great are crumbling right before our very eyes. It saddens me to no end.

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  • 9/11 only time article 5 was invoked, for the rest other nations of NATO who pay most of strict nato cost btw (EU 68%-usa just 16%) just follow usa lead and command to conflicts as mere lackey’s, thats wrong.
    First thing that has to be done is to remove vetorights of UNSC, the biggest warmongers have those vetorights.
    NATO has to come under european command so it doesn’t just act as USA lackeys, I always wondered why NATO fought in Middle East which is not North Atlantic area on mere request of Iraqi president request, but were refused to act to prevent russian invasion in Ukraine who requeste dmany more times for help. Obama said it’s not our business.. Perhaps thats just what it is…business


  • I hate to break up the Biden hatefest but lets just talk some reality for a change shall we.
    Any of you do time in the Stan?
    Loose friends or family there?
    How many of you were planning to join the military and volunteer to serve there?
    How many of you have children who are near military age and will have to serve there?
    Are you willing to care for their broken bodies for the rest of their lives because of their time there?
    You ever have clean a dirty stoma? Google it and tell me you would be ok with doing for your family member.
    Do any of you Biden loathers have anything better to do with 1-2 trillion dollars?
    Because all this is the price to avoid the shit show that is Afghanistan today.
    It would not have mattered if we pulled out in 2001 or 2021 or 2041.
    The people we randomly group together and call Afghans don’t give a shit about Afghanistan.
    They are all a bunch of tribes that at one time were loosely (And I mean LOOSLY) confederated under a powerless king. All they want to do is herd their goats, beat their wives if they want, and kill the people in the next valley over.
    And there is NO amount of blood and treasure that we can throw at the them that will change their minds.
    Everybody in the government has know this for years but they all just kicked the can down the political road until they left office or changed positions or just retired.
    Obama wanted to call it quits as soon as he got in office. Trump tried to last year. No matter who bit the bullet the end would have been the same.
    Biden just had the guts to make it happen.
    I guess telling the American people he was going to get out of there and actually doing it make him a horrible person and a terrible president. I mean we can’t have leaders who make hard decisions can we? We need leaders who make decisions based on how things look on the 24 news cycle.
    Morality is one thing but media optics are everything.
    So keep whining about Biden and the poor afghans, I keep thinking about how my son did not have to go there an be maimed for nothing. Or my nephew who survived two tours. Or my friend Nick who has a leg prothesis or my best friend Greg who only lost his marriage. or what we could be doing with an extra 1-2 trillion dollars laying around.


    • Maybe you’ve missed the point along the way when reading our posts. At any rate, no one here questions the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. It’s the way it has been done, or, rather, the way it’s being done, that irks the hell out of us. And, I think we are rightfully irked. This withdrawal has been completely and thoroughly screwed up. This is Biden’s fault. He is commander in chief. He bears responsibility.
      As a side note, Biden has screwed up other things besides Afghanistan. He has allowed our country to be virtually flooded by Central and South Americans. He has also thrown Ukraine under the bus by giving NSII the green light.
      So, I think we have more than enough reasons to hate this braindead moron and his entire deadbeat staff.

      I’ve served in the military. So has a son of mine, my two brothers, my father, some uncles, cousins and my grandfathers too. We are a patriotic family with plenty of military backgrounds and this across numerous generations. So, I am well versed in military methodologies. Biden, being in charge and screwing up so badly, SHOULD be impeached and tried for treason. That’s my humble opinion.

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      • Agree 100%. I too am from a military family and on the whole our military rub along pretty well with our US colleagues.
        But this gargantuan lash-up by Biden has caused lots of friction between our lads and yours in Kabul. They don’t like leaving like this.
        It could have been done in an orderly and professional way: all the US equipment could have been destroyed or returned home. Now there is $80bn worth of modern equipment in the hands of savages. Furthermore, as I understand it, under Trump, the plan was to retain Bagram airbase permanently, as a bridgehead. Instead Biden has given it to those fucks.
        Biden is a traitor and should be treated as such.
        I would not be surprised if putler now starts building bases in Afghanistan with the blessing of his friends the Tallies and the chicoms do a massive deal on the lithium mining concession.
        All of this could have been avoided.

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        • I’m beginning to wonder if we could be worse off with Putler as president. So far, everything that Biden touches turns into a steaming pile of shit.
          Have you heard the latest news? NBC claims that the ISIS attack is Trump’s fault. How far have we sunk? How much further will we have to sink???

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          • It is a worry for America and the world that you have such terrible leadership. I was no fan of Trump, but that was purely because of his friendships with mortal enemies of Ukraine such as Manafort and Stone and his repeated groveling to a fascist dictator.
            His other policies I had little problems with. I think we are all better off when there is a GOP administration; even if it’s Trump.

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            • I also had my issues with Trump. But, I knew that he is worlds better than any Democrat and especially Biden. I think only Bernie “the commie scum” Sanders could be worse.

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      • If you don’t question the decision to withdraw then then what is the issue?
        The US gave the afghans years to prepare. Biden delayed the with draw for three months. they worked out an arrangement with the Taliban not to interfere with our exit and they didn’t. No American troops were lost in the process.
        So what precisely was Biden supposed to do?
        Because it was the Afghan army that folded up the tent and ran(not walked) home. Was Joe suppose to know they would exit stage left in such a hurry because that is not what the military was saying. I guess he should be a bit more like Trump and not trust the military and intelligence community?
        So what was Biden supposed to do? And please be precise.
        As for the illegals at the boarder; GOOD let them in!
        Maybe then we can get someone to work in this country. Because right now no one wants too. I have never seen so many “Hiring” signs in my 59 years. I am not talking about burger flipper jobs at McDonalds. I am talking about good paying factory work with sign on bonus. I am talking about health care jobs w/ $10k sign on bonuses and 10k A WEEK for travel nurses. Farmers routinely loose 20-30 of their crop because they can’t get anyone to work for them even for 15-20 dollars and hour. Business have to close due to a lack of workers.
        Immigrants built this country and they have always been the source of our strength.
        Maybe we should start treating them that way.


        • You’ve got to be kidding me. Thus, it was not Biden’s fault about how we are exiting Afghanistan? He has how many generals at his disposal? How many intelligence advisors and security experts and how many other experts are there to help him make the right decisions. And yet, despite all this knowledge, this fool takes out our troops first. He failed utterly to evacuate the non-combatants first and to secure our equipment. The Taliban, against the agreements made with Trump, had been taking over the country bit by bit for weeks and months before our withdrawal started. Biden could have used this violation to do on his part whatever he wanted. He didn’t. He kept to his plans stubbornly.
          As for the immigrants, we have almost 10 million unemployed people. I am an advocate to putting them to work before we let hordes of others into the country. And, I haven’t even mentioned the rising crime rates and about how this deplorable administration is making the drug cartels even more powerful as a side effect.
          Yes, immigrants built this country, but they were for the most part skilled people and not illiterate farmers.

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          • Agreed! Also note that Afghans; even the ‘regular’ non-terror lovers, have a higher propensity for rape than almost any other immigrant group.
            In stark terms, we are literally endangering girls and women (young boys too) by bringing these people into our respective countries.

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            • Indeed, we’ve seen the acutely negative effects that Merkel’s decision had when she opened the gates for these people. While the poor in Germany is growing continuously, the country added another ball and chain on its already heavily-burdened legs by having to spend, by most estimates, 25-30 billion Euros every year for them. And, who can put a price tag on the rape and murder victims? The consequences will be felt for a very long time and I’m afraid that they cannot be reversed.
              Biden, the utter fool, didn’t once take a closer look at the consequences of such self-destructive politics when he did the same thing at our southern border.
              Pink liberal mindlessness doesn’t allow any pain of reality to ruin its fantasies. Others must pay the price, as usual.

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