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August 29, 2021

Padraig Purcell

Remembering the lllovaisk massacre (2014), when at least 10 Russian regular army units and 5 irregular units invaded Ukraine and massacred retreating Ukrainian defenders.

As well as being an outrageous war crime, the Illovaisk Massacre is proof of the invasion of Ukraine by regular and irregular Kremlin forces.

International courts have called the Kremlin invasion of Ukraine à very serious crime, as well as a breach of the Russian Federation’s legal obligation to respect international borders.

Today, we remember the Ukrainian (and Volunteer) heroes who died defending the freedom and borders of Ukraine and Europe.

Remind that the Kremlin invasion of Ukraine’s Donbas forced about 2 million Ukrainians from their homes; including 400,000 children. 14,000 Ukrainian defenders have been killed by Kremlin commanded forces and tens of thousands of Ukrainian defenders received serious injuries. Many more suffer from psychological trauma from the war that the Kremlin imposed and wages against Ukraine on multiple continuous hybrid levels. Many also suffer physical and psychological torture in illegal Kremlin commanded prison camps, such as ‘Izolatsia’ in illegally occupied Donbas.

To add insult to crime and injury, the Kremlin commanded media directorates have orders to deny and cover-up the Kremlin commanded and funded invasion of Ukraine.

A third insult is the Kremlin claim that Russia is a peace maker in a Ukrainian civil war. This Kremlin lie is totally outrageous. The US, EU and NATO have named the Russian Federation as the instigator of the war of occupation in Ukraine based upon a huge volume of evidence.

Donbas is Ukraine! Crimea is Ukraine!

The Illovaisk Massacre and the defense of Ukraine are topical today as the Kremlin maintains a force of 104,000 troops and heavy weapons within and near the border of Ukraine, making further invasion à possibility during imminent ‘exercises’.

As President Zelenskyy hopes to meet President Biden I remind that I first connected the interim Ukrainian government with the White House (via Senator McCain’s guys) during Maidan times, and I have urged international support for the defense of Ukraine and support for Ukraine, to implement the reforms that are necessary, to build an economy that can pay for improved defences, to implement the agreed NATO Partnership regulations (a stepping stone towards more), and improve the quality of life for all Ukrainians.

A key concern of the US is the apparent slow rate of key reforms in some areas and the high cost of aid from allies. President Zelenskyy can make progress by: 1, listing the reforms that have been implemented, 2, listing the reforms that are in process of implementation, 3, listing agreed reforms that are stalled or blocked, 4, negotiating and agreeing the style of reforms that do and don’t suit Ukraine (it is OK to accept some and reject others with fact based reason), 5, to ask for advice and assistance to IMPLEMENT updates/reforms where there appear to be stalls in some areas. 6, Ukraine has many achievements and opportunities to cooperate profitably with the US on energy security, eco energy and resources: make win-win deals.

The faster Ukraine can IMPLEMENT reforms, the faster Ukraine will be able to achieve the developing economy that is essential to closer EU and NATO partnership.

The Russian Federation still illegally occupies Ukraine’s Crimea and Donbas and shows no intention of de-occupying these areas. Remind that the Russia is a serial occupier in Tsarist, Soviet and present times’ with an average invasion rate of another nation evert three years. Russia is a professional invader and occupier of foreign lands. With recent assertions by the Russian leadership that Ukraine is Russian land, all Ukrainians and allies should pay attention because Kremlin words dictate Kremlin intentions. This shows that the Kremlin does not accept nor respect the territorial integrity nor the lawful borders of Ukraine.

With reported Kremlin influence on the new sequencing of the Minsk Agreement: only very imaginative politicians could finalize an agreement that could convince the Kremlin return Ukraine’s international border without significantly weakening the independence of Ukraine.

I hope for success for Ukraine and growing Partnership with friends and allies!

Freedom is not free! National defence requires development of a strong national economy by updating and managing systems in efficiency, transparency and accountability. A better economy can pay better ‘living wage’ salaries and provide better services to Ukrainian people, as well as paying for adequate defences so that crimes like the Illovaisk Massacre never happen again.

A peaceful world needs a peaceful vision and an ability to protect that peace.

Allies can support externally by increasing support and assistance to help the Ukrainian economy to jump forward, increase costs upon the named aggressor, increase possible benefits for compliance with agreed international law.

Compliance with International law and agreements, and guarantees support in cases of transgressions, are the only protection for smaller nations against the abuses of power and crimes of more powerful nations. More must be done to protect and to nurture compliance with international border law.

The lessons of World War 2 must be remembered: trade and civil relations are better than slaughter, and Massacres, like the more recent Illovaisk!

Ukraine is a wealthy country but the wealth is not in the official economy. Should Ukrainian leaders choose to encourage the vast wealth into the real economy, it would be easier and faster to develop the economy, to improve standards, and to pay for defenses WITHOUT need to borrow international cash and to negotiate conditions imposed by others. Ukraine has a choice to manage independence and interdependence.

What can ordinary Ukrainians do to build a better country? Take exercise, be healthy in body and mind, build healthy relationships, accept social responsibility to build a healthy society, a healthy economy, and a healthy environment!

Let’s défend Freedom together. Let’s pray for and remember the heroes who died defending freedom, and let’s become heroes of the future who build Ukraine forward to new successes and achievements.

Everything is possible when only people and systems need to be organised and managed. Let’s build the future better than the past, because we can. We can!

Слава Україні!
Героям Слава!

Вічна Пам’ять Героям+

As I leave Ukraine today after a wonderful trip. I thank all friends for wisdom, energy, activity and for their successes that build Ukraine forward into a better future. Congratulations, Respect and much love! 💛 💙 🇺🇦

As always, I am here to help, to inspire, to encourage, to connect, to mentor, and to recommend personal and collective progress. Forward Together!

Padraig Purcell,


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