Rosstat: more than 50 thousand Russians diagnosed with COVID-19 died for the first time in July

In July 2021, 215,265 people died in Russia. Of these, 50,421 people were diagnosed with COVID-19, according to Rosstat.

The department traditionally divided the deaths of people diagnosed with COVID-19 into four categories:

  • COVID-19 as the main cause of death – 38,922 cases;
  • COVID-19 is assumed to be the leading cause of death, but more research is needed – 5,206 cases;
  • COVID-19 was a concomitant disease, influenced the development of other diseases and contributed to the emergence of complications that accelerated the death of the patient – 1,449 cases;
  • COVID-19 was a concomitant disease, but did not affect the onset of death in any way – 4,844 cases.

In July, Russia revealed the maximum deaths among COVID-19 patients per month. The previous anti-record was set in December 2020 – 45,331 people, writes RBC.

In addition, the July mortality rate for people with covid is 1.8 times higher than the June death rate (27,443 deaths) and 4.9 times higher than in July 2020 (10,371 deaths).

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova told RIA Novosti that the high mortality rate of people diagnosed with covid is due to a new wave of coronavirus caused by a more infectious strain of “delta”. Over the past days in August, according to operational data, mortality in Russia remains at the same level as in the same period in July, Golikova added.

In July and August, Russia has repeatedly updated the record for daily mortality from coronavirus.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • Rostatt by accident published the real figures. They are catastrofic. 50.000 corona death per month. Funny fact: the figures skyrocketed after the Putinka vaccine was mass introduced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats 600.000 death on year-base, continue the vaccination with the Putinka-vaccine hahahahahahaha.

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  • We met an old lady on the train to Chernivski who just came from Simferopol – her hometown. She’s been living in Rome for over 20 years. Anyway, she told us that many people in Crimea have died from Covid. I know that word “many” has a relative meaning, but I’m sure that it isn’t only a few. Certainly, it’s more than the low figures we’ve been hearing from mafia land, where human lives are worth as much as pesky flies.

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    • Latest figures from Russia, is over 600,000 excess deaths from last years figures.

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      • Yes, but how many of those deaths were in Crimea, their shining example of fascist rule? I don’t want to ask my friends there because of obvious reasons and getting any figures concerning the peninsula is difficult, even for them.

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