A shipyard in Odessa region docked a record-breaking bulk carrier (photo report, video)

The record-breaking bulk carrier GEORGIA T was docked this morning at the ISRZ shipyard located in Chornomorsk. The work was watched by the correspondent of “Dumskaya”.

“Ten centimeters on the starboard side of the air on yourself! Fine! Another ten centimeters of vira on the right! More accurate tug! ” – it is surprising to hear from dockmaster Alexander Polishchuk amendments in centimeters when docking a bulk carrier 229 meters long. But the operation is, indeed, gem-quality and requires maximum precision. The seven-room GEORGIA T practically fits right into the dock along the sides and becomes its nose tightly to the dock bridge.

The entire operation took four hours – from 6 am to 10 am.

The repair time is, as always, very short. It is necessary to perform standard hull repair with cleaning and painting, repair of the propeller-rudder complex with complete disassembly, revision of the main engine, as well as such complex work as modernization of the ballast system in accordance with the new IMO requirements. The list of planned works also includes the modernization of the mooring mechanisms.

To understand the scale of work on this vessel, one can name only one figure – 40 thousand square meters will have to be painted. m of surfaces.

Seven-compartment bulk carrier of PANAMAX GEORGIA T class was built in 2011 in Korea. Its deadweight is 80,416 tons.

The previous largest vessel, which called at dock No. 154 of PJSC ISRZ, was the bulk carrier BESKIDY with a length of 228 m. The Chernomorskoye Enterprise is the only shipyard in Ukraine capable of accepting vessels of this size.

Author – Tina Shishkanova


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