Biden must respond to Kabul airport attack with force

At least three U.S. Marines have been injured and more than a dozen other civilians killed after two explosions, one of which was set off by a suicide bomber , rocked the Abbey Gate outside of Afghanistan’s Kabul airport. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed on Thursday morning that the total number of casualties is “unclear at this time.”

This was a direct attack on U.S. efforts to evacuate its citizens and allies from the region. The Kabul airport has been our military’s base throughout this entire withdrawal, making it a target for terrorists ready to take advantage of the current chaos and wreak even more havoc. This attack will make it even more difficult for the U.S. military to locate and help the Americans trying to get to the Kabul airport, which means it is even more likely that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Americans will be left behind once the Aug. 31 evacuation deadline passes — and the terrorists know it.

The United States must protect its citizens and shut down any additional threats. President Joe Biden promised to do as much last week when he said, “any attack on our forces or disruption of our operations at the airport will be met with a swift and forceful response.”

Well, here’s his chance. But don’t hold your breath.

This is the same president who caved to the Taliban’s threat of violence and refused to demand an extension of the Aug. 31 deadline, despite the fact that more than 1,000 Americans are still stuck behind enemy lines. The same president who pulled even more of our troops from the region despite reports that Americans were being beaten by Taliban soldiers when they tried to reach the airport. It’s not at all unlikely that the terrorists responsible for this attack sensed Biden’s weakness and exploited it.

So, if Biden does have a spine, now would be the time to find it.

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  1. Mr. President, fix the mess you created. Stop running from it. We are still at war. You didn’t ‘end the war,’ you just gave the enemy new advantage. Go on offense, establish superiority, and don’t leave until all our citizens and allies are safe,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted in response to the violence.

  2. A firefight is underway in Kabul’s Darulaman area. Heavy gunshots continue.
    Fourth blast reported .

  3. Don’t count on Biden to do anything. He’s a moral coward and inveterate screw up. He’s also arrogant. Influence of the US is now finished.

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