Soup, goulash and salad: the cook of the Odessa mechanized brigade became one of the best in the OOS zone

The competition for the best military chefs took place in the area of ​​operation of the Joint Forces Operation.

As reported by ArmiaInform, three combined teams, representing the operational-tactical groups “East”, “North” and separate units of the Joint Forces, took part in the competition.

Inna Lipovaya – the chef of the 28th Ombr named after the Knights of the Winter March – demonstrates the diploma for the third place in the competition

The first place in the individual standings was won by the chef of a separate airborne assault brigade Vadim Muzychenko, the second – the chef of the separate motorized infantry brigade named after the koshovy ataman Kostya Gordienko Olga Mosyuk, the third – the chef of the separate mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter March Inna Lipovaya.

“This is the third final stage,” says Colonel Alexander Zagorodnyuk, deputy chairman of the competition committee. – First, the chefs fought for the title of the best in their brigades, then they competed in contests for operational-tactical groups. The best of the best have come here. “

On the first day of the competition, the participants demonstrated their theoretical knowledge of cooking technology, tactical and technical characteristics of the means for preparing and transporting food in the field. They also fulfilled practical standards for preparing field kitchens for work and showed skills in first aid.

On the second day, the chefs started the most interesting and important stage – the practical preparation of dishes. According to the rules of the competition, a team of three cooks must prepare three dishes in the field kitchen for a unit of 125 military personnel.

“The dishes are the same for everyone: cheese soup with chicken and mushrooms, goulash with buckwheat porridge and cabbage salad,” says Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Romashkan, a member of the competition committee. – All these dishes are on the army’s daily menu. The contestants received the same products. Taste, of course, turned out to be different for everyone – after all, it depends on the cooking skills. “

The competition was fierce. Among the participants there are many specialists with extensive experience. All prepared dishes with a rich and refined taste. After tasting, the competition committee determined the most delicious ones.

As a result, the first place was taken by the team of cooks of the operational-tactical group “Vostok” consisting of Maxim Konditerov, Inna Lipova and Zoya Pogrebnoy.

“By organizing this competition, we pursued the goal not only to determine the level of professional skills of chefs, we strove to create conditions in which the best chefs could exchange experience, learn new things, be convinced of their own capabilities, feel at the same time the atmosphere of competition and rivalry, and sociability. Participants of the competition say that they succeeded, ”summed up Colonel Alexander Zagorodnyuk.

The servicemen of the unit, on the basis of which the competition was held, dined with prepared dishes. They sincerely thanked the chefs for their work and confirmed the conclusion of the competition committee: the dishes had an unsurpassed taste.

Inna Lipovaya – in the center


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