From Dmytro Kuleba FB page

Aug 25. 2021

46 foreign delegations took part in the historical summit of the Crimean Platform. Over 300 have turned out in these days (! ) Publications about the Crimean Platform in editions of almost 50 countries from North and Central America to Southeast Asia.

The numbers continue to rise, analytical articles and quotes from interviews of foreign leaders who attended the summit in Kiev are coming out. Millions of people in the world learned about the Crimean platform.

′′ Ukraine insists on its right to Crimea “,-the headline of the Swiss newspaper Blick.

′′ Crimean platform is aimed at moving the question of returning Crimea “, writes Japanese news agency Jiji Press.

International French radio RFI: ′′ Ukraine is in the center of diplomatic activity: today in Kiev is launching the Crimean platform – the first large international summit aimed at addressing the complex issue of de-occupation of Crimea… More than forty countries sent their high representatives to Kiev to participate in the summit , despite the outrage and pressure of the Kremlin “. By the way, this is one of the most popular radio in the world with an audience of over 35 million people.

Even in the distant friendly Brazil edition of Estado De Minas writes: ′′ Representatives of almost 50 countries of the world gathered in Kiev to stop the occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula Crimea “. From far away, the numbers are slightly increasing, and the formulation is slightly simplified. But in our favor.

′′ President Zelensky seeks first to return Crimea back to the agenda of world diplomacy… it’s amazing that he’s received so much support “, says British The Economist security analyst Shashank Joshi.

′′ The Crimean platform will not only keep Crimea in the spotlight, but it will remind Russia of what it has done. It reminds that sooner or later she will have to return the temporarily occupied Crimea and take responsibility for her actions “,-summarizes the expert in Bulgarian edition Frognews.

I will not draw your attention to the hysterical reactions of Moscow and Russian media resources. It’s burning there.

In short: Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦✌️

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