President of Ukraine invited Russia to sign the declaration of the Crimea Platform condemning the annexation of the peninsula


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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy invites the Russian Federation to join the Crimea Platform to jointly work out ways to deoccupy Crimea and correct a historical mistake.

“The Russian Federation, which, of course, did not take part in our summit, but which so actively discussed it, commented, reacted – in a word, was so active that it seemed as if it was a full participant in the Crimea Platform. And if it is so interested in this platform, we invite Russia to join the Crimea Platform to jointly work out ways to deoccupy Crimea and correct its historical tragic mistake,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said during his closing remarks at the inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform in Kyiv.

“I promise that the summit declaration condemning the occupation of Crimea will always have a line for the signature of the representative of the Russian Federation. I think that, most likely, this signature will be the last at the last summit of the Crimea Platform in Yalta,” the Head of State added.

The President also thanked all participants of the first summit of the Crimea Platform.

“There are at least 46 proofs that our world has not switched to a “every man for himself” format. That it will continue to unite against injustice. That it was, is and will be on the side of Ukraine – that is, on the side of truth, on the side of the principles of international law. This is important not only for us, but also for all Crimeans, for whom it is getting more and more obvious every year that they have been deceived, used and that Russia needs them as a warehouse for storing weapons,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted.

According to the President, the joint Declaration of the International Crimea Platform clearly states non-recognition of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, commitment to consider additional political, diplomatic and restrictive sanctions against Russia in case of further aggression, joint efforts of all member states to strengthen security and stability in the Black Sea region.

“For the first time at the international level, Russia was recognized as an occupying power, and in accordance with international humanitarian law, it must immediately stop human rights violations on the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula and ensure unimpeded access to Crimea for international humanitarian and human rights organizations,” he said.

In addition, according to him, a responsible high-ranking official will be appointed in each country for further cooperation with the newly created office of the Crimea Platform.

“I want to emphasize that the declaration is open for joining by other states and other international organizations. I’m sure many of them will join us soon. Thank you that today you are together with Ukrainians, that today you are together with Ukraine. We will never forget that. We believe in our common success,” the President summed up.

Inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform

23 August 2021


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