Poroshenko doused with green after the March of Defenders in Kiev (video)

Zelenka was hit in the face and “flooded” the politician’s eye.Poroshenko addressed the police / screenshot from the video

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was showered with greenery in Kyiv. It happened on Khreshchatyk, after the March of Defenders, which took place in the capital.

This was reported in the Telegram-channel ” Kyiv Now “.

The incident happened near the Khreschatyk metro station. Unknown people doused Poroshenko with green when he went to the Cabinet after the March. 

The politician has already turned to the police and left with law enforcement officers.

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  1. So much for protection of former presidents in Ukraine. This is a disgrace, and I have no doubt it stems from Zelensky and his crew, they hate Poro because without him Ukraine would be under the Russian jackboot again.

  2. What point were they trying to make? It seems nothing was accomplished other than their own embarrassment.

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