Unique perspective. An-225 Mriya pilot showed the flight of a giant plane over Kiev during a rehearsal of the Independence Day parade – video

The world’s largest transport aircraft An-225 Mriya will take part in the air parade dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24.

The main pilot of the airliner Dmitry Antonov showed how the pilots are preparing for the event.

The video from the parade rehearsal was filmed from cameras installed on both sides of the stabilizer, thanks to which you can see how the giant aircraft rises into the sky, hides the landing gear, and how the mechanization of its wing changes during the flight.

Also on the footage you can see how the An-225 “sat down on the tail” of the aircraft flying in front, and at the end of the video its landing approach to the Gostomel airport is shown.

The largest transport aircraft in the world, the An-225 Mriya, will take part in the parade dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, which will be held on August 24 in Kiev.



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