A Russian citizen swam from the Kuril Islands to Japan – and asked for political asylum there

A Russian citizen independently sailed from the southern Kuril island of Kunashir to Japan to ask for political asylum. Kyodo reports about it on August 20.

The Russian was detained on the island of Hokkaido. How he sailed is not specified. The Russian Consulate General in Sapporo announced on August 21 that it was clarifying the circumstances of the incident with the Japanese competent authorities. 

As told to “Interfax” in the administration of the South Kuril city district, the man – a native of the Urals. He received a Far Eastern hectare three years ago, moved to Kunashir, where he earned some manual labor. 

According to the administration, the man disappeared on August 17, and initially on the island they thought that he was missing. “When inspecting his apartment, they found posters of Japan and so on, he loved the culture of Japan,” said the source of Interfax. 

Kunashir and the northeastern part of Hokkaido are separated by about 20 kilometers.

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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