Merkel arrived in Moscow for talks with Putin – for the last time as German Chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is reported by TASS.

The Kremlin reported that the leaders of the two countries will discuss “the state and prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation in various fields”, as well as a number of “pressing international and regional issues.”

The German government specified that the talks in Moscow, in addition to bilateral relations, will discuss the fight against the pandemic, the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the situation in Belarus and Afghanistan.

On August 22, two days after her visit to Moscow, Merkel will visit Kiev, where she will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The last time Merkel came to Moscow was in January 2020.

Her current visit to Russia will be the 19th and, probably, the last in the status of German chancellor: in the elections to the Bundestag, which will be held at the end of September, she will not nominate herself for the post of chancellor.

Since 2005, when Merkel became chancellor, she has met with Putin a total of 30 times.

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  • The final orgy before arriving in Kyiv… with nothing.

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  • Honestly who cares.
    She is out(good riddance) and the Greens are leading in the polls. The Greens are seriously anti Putin and have promised to shut NSII down.
    Perhaps with a more Pro Ukrainian government Germany will finally start acting in accordance with their soothing words.

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