Europe prepares for more cultural enrichment


  • This is a very professional piece of work. How could any conservative take issue with it?
    However, it is a skilful piece of propaganda and is one of the key methods that the putinazis have of roping conservatives into their cause.
    The kremlin caused the last massive wave of immigration from Syria and is rubbing its hands at the ‘success’ of destabilising Europe with millions of dangerous criminals. Now many more will be coming in from Afghanistan.
    Once someone has become a follower of Watson, he will learn that Watson works for Alex Jones, loves putler and wants Ukrainians dead, or their country absorbed into Russia. Ditto Georgia.
    This is how conservative minded people get slowly sucked into the absurd narrative peddled by the kremlin and its western shills like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson, that putler is a force for good in the world. Thanks to Jones, they believe putler is a Christian battling against satanic paedophile Jews who want to rule the world. Utterly insane but a sizable number of people believe it. Look at the amount of followers QAnon has, for example.

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  • This is the sort of cultural “enrichment” that will end in the eventual death of the established culture. It’s akin to “enriching” a healthy body with deadly bacteria. Total idiocy in this world these days seems rampant.

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