Britain will cooperate with the Taliban if necessary – Johnson

According to Boris Johnson, the situation at Kabul airport, where thousands of desperate Afghans have gathered, is improving.Johnson declared London's readiness to cooperate with the Taliban / photo by REUTERSJohnson declared London’s readiness to cooperate with the Taliban / photo by REUTERS

The United Kingdom will, if necessary, cooperate with the Taliban , which has seized power in Afghanistan.

This was stated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, writes Reuters .

“I want to assure people that our political and diplomatic efforts to find a solution for Afghanistan, cooperation with the Taliban, will certainly continue, if necessary,” Johnson said.

According to him, the situation at Kabul airport, where thousands of desperate Afghans have gathered who want to leave the country, is improving.

It is noted that the British government has evacuated 1,615 people since Saturday, including 399 British citizens, 320 embassy staff and 402 Afghans.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan

  • On August 15, the Taliban announced the seizure of the entire territory of Afghanistan , including the capital – Kabul.
  • Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Satar Mirzakwal said in a video message that the capital would be handed over to the Taliban peacefully .
  • It has also become known that Taliban representatives will discuss preparations for a change of government at the presidential palace in Kabul. Also on August 15, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani resigned and flew to Tajikistan. On August 18, it became known that Ghana and his family are in the United Arab Emirates.
  • On August 19, the Taliban proclaimed a new state in its territory, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
  • Taliban officials have announced a general amnesty in the country and said they intend to maintain peaceful relations with all countries. They also promised that women would be given rights, but “within the framework of Islam.” However, the Taliban’s rise to power provoked panic and the flight of people from the country. Many remember the brutal rule of the Taliban in the 1990s, when society was subject to an extremely harsh Sharia regime.
  • Ukraine evacuated 79 citizens from Afghanistan from six countries – Ukraine, Afghanistan, Belarus, the Netherlands, Croatia and Tajikistan.
  • As of the evening of August 17, 153 Ukrainian citizens of Ukrainian descent wanted to leave Afghanistan. On August 18, a plane to evacuate Ukrainians from Afghanistan was unable to land in Kabul . There is currently no safe corridor for access to Kabul Airport, where the situation remains partially out of control.

Author: Alexander Topchiy

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • Because of Biden’s criminal incompetence, girls and women will be used as sex slaves by savages, men and women who helped the allies will be tortured to death and AQ will be allowed back in to plot terror attacks on the allies.
    Firstly the allies need to napalm all the poppy fields, destroy as much weaponry left behind as possible and start building alliances with people like Ahmad Massoud, who has bravely vowed to keep on fighting the Talies.

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  • “Johnson declared London’s readiness to cooperate with the Taliban”
    In my opinion, Johnson has lowered himself all the way down to Biden’s level with this. We have gone from helping Afghanistan to destroying it, even when indirectly, and even worse, we are relying on the “goodwill” of a terrorist mob. How far the West has sunk in face of trash countries and trash organizations like the Taliban gives me a severe case of heartburn.

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    • Yes I agree he should not have used such stupid language. Although in fairness, he is desperately trying to get his soldiers and ancillary workers back ASAP before the situation gets worse. You can be 100% certain that in private he is incandescent with rage at the appalling position Biden put him in.
      He tried to get other Nato powers to continue with Britain to stave off the savages. Predictably the wankers all said no. Except Turkey. Boris has lots of Turkish and Circassian blood. In my opinion he made a mistake not to accept the Turkish offer. A combined British-Turkish force could have easily held the savages off indefinitely. Plus a useful new alliance would have been formed.

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      • I must admit – with gritted teeth – that we didn’t leave our allies with many choices. Although, the French(!) have gone into Kabul with elite troops to extract their citizens.

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        • We are also getting our people out, with quite a good bit of success. We still have 2500 men there. But instead of withdrawing, Boris should be sending in more troops.

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          • Yes, I’ve seen it on the news. Britain and France are successful at getting their citizens out. But sleepy Joe is letting our citizens fend for themselves. You can only imagine a little how deeply concerned and disgusted I am over this so-called POTUS. It’s mind boggling how much he and even his entire staff have fucked up on this.

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            • Incompetent, half senile and now final confirmation that he has become a really nasty piece of work in his old age.
              He surely can’t survive this debacle?

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  • For all these idiots who think they can work with these terrorists, and they will keep their promises not to act like cavemen, here’s a something to think about.

    “On August 19, Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Afghan National Reconciliation Council, a group of dignitaries and elders involved in the Qatar talks, met with Khalil al-Rahman Hakani and his entourage. Abdullah later publicly stated that Hakani would monitor security in the Afghan capital, and assured that he would “work hard to ensure adequate security for the people of Kabul.”

    According to Voice of America, Western intelligence officials say the appointment is alarming and undermines the Taliban’s promises to take a more moderate path. It will be recalled that the US Treasury Department declared Khalil al-Rahman Hakani a terrorist in February 2011. He is also on the UN terrorist list.”

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