Taliban declares Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan

The proclamation of the new regime took place on Afghanistan’s Independence Day.In Afghanistan - the new government / photo REUTERSIn Afghanistan – the new government / photo REUTERS

The Taliban has proclaimed a new state in the territory under its control – the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

According to Business Insider , Taliban speaker Zabihullah Mujahid announced this on Twitter. The proclamation of the new regime took place on Afghanistan’s Independence Day.

It is noted that the Taliban use the same name for their regime as in the previous period of their rule in 1996-2001. At that time, a totalitarian system of Sharia was established in the country, which was particularly cruel to women.

Meanwhile, Independence Day rallies are taking place in several cities in Afghanistan. According to Al Jazeera , the militants use weapons against the protesters.

In Assadabad, for example, the Taliban opened fire on a crowd of protesters, killing two people. In Jalalabad, militants began firing on people carrying the flag of Afghanistan, injuring a man and a teenager.  

The Taliban seizes power in Afghanistan

On August 15, the Taliban entered Kabul and announced by the end of the day that they controlled the entire country. President Ashraf Ghani resigned and left Afghanistan.

Taliban officials have announced a general amnesty in the country and said they intend to maintain peaceful relations with all countries. They also promised that women would be given rights, but “within the framework of Islam.” 

However, the Taliban’s rise to power provoked panic and the flight of people from the country. Many remember the brutal rule of the Taliban in the 1990s, when society was subject to an extremely harsh Sharia regime. 

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  • The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan … another trash country has been created. Another shithole for the world’s terrorists to feel welcome in.

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