Rep. Gonzales: What happens if Ukraine or Taiwan is invaded?

Gonzales, a Navy veteran, said allies ‘concerned’ China, Russia will be emboldened.

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Navy veteran and Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales said Wednesday that American allies are concerned about how or if they will be defended by the U.S. after the Biden administration’s Afghanistan “debacle,” urging the administration to change course. 


TONY GONZALES: The world is watching. I just got back from Ukraine—from a [congressional delegation] in Ukraine. They’re concerned about Russian aggression. Where is America going to be when Russia invades Ukraine again? I got back from South Korea about three weeks ago. Same thing. They’re worried about what happens when China invades Taiwan…

The Biden administration—huge debacle. But you got to change course. You can’t double down on a losing hand. You have to change course and they have to do it now because Russia and China are waiting in the wings to take advantage of this political debacle that the Biden administration has created.


Tony Gonzales: Biden administration needs to ensure all US citizens, allies are able to leave Afghanistan

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  1. This Congressman sounds excellent. I wish there were more like him.
    His reference to the plight of the thousands of Afghan employees who helped the allies is a reminder of the verminous Julian Assange. Assange; a degenerate sex pervert who smeared the walls of his apartment in the Ecuador embassy in London with his own excrement, has assembled an army of far left and far right putinoid scum to try to prevent him being extradited to America. He published operational info that had been hacked by Russia. Afghans and Pakistanis who had helped the allies suffered terrible deaths. When informed of this by a minion, he said: ‘so what, they were traitors.’
    Assange deserves to rot in an underground supermax dungeon. Or a nice chair with electrodes attached.

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