German far-right publicist and RT commentator Manuel Oxenreiter, well-known anti-Ukrainian position, dies in Moscow

He is considered the probable customer of the arson of the Hungarian center in Uzhgorod in 2018.

Manuel Oxenreiter , editor-in-chief of the German far-right Zuerst ,  died in Moscow on August 18, the newspaper  writes  .

He was accused of ordering the burning of the building of the Society of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia in Uzhgorod. 

According to the publication, 46-year-old Oxenreiter died of a heart attack. His health problems began after his first heart attack in 2014.

Oxenreiter is a former member of the bureau of Marcus Fronmeyer, a member of the Bundestag from the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party in Baden-Württemberg.

Oxenreiter is known in Ukraine for a criminal case of arson of the building of the Society of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia in Uzhgorod on February 4, 2018. The main suspect in this case, Michal Prokopovich , told the court in Krakow  that Oxenreiter had acted as the customer of the crime. According to him, the German publicist ordered the attack on the headquarters and paid € 1,500 for it. Oxenreiter himself denied his involvement in the arson.

After the German prosecutor’s office launched an investigation against Oxenreiter in January 2019, he fled to Russia.

Oxenreiter also  wrote  for the Swedish neo-Nazi publication Nya Tider. From 2013, he spoke on the propaganda RT – first as an expert on Syria,  defending the  right of Damascus to own chemical weapons, and later ” analyzed ” the situation in Ukraine.

In 2015, Oxenreiter met in St. Petersburg with the Russian right-wing esotericist and publicist, author of the concept of “Russian peace”, Alexander Dugin .

Oxenreiter has repeatedly acted as an international observer – for example, in the elections in the self-proclaimed “DPR” . He also illegally visited the temporarily occupied Crimea.

It will be recalled that Kremlin propagandists, subordinates of former Putin aide Vladislav Surkov , used Ukrainian politicians and the media to shake up the situation in Ukraine. Ukrainian information security experts write about this based on the recently published hacked mail of one of the curators of the Ukrainian media direction of the Kremlin.

Photo: Manuel Oxenreiter / screenshot



  1. At last some good news coming out of Russia, the home to nazis and Ukraine haters. Just a pity Dugin didn’t have a heart attack too.

  2. Nazism is not of the right. It is of the left, as all statism is. It is barely to the right of communism and is a kissing cousin.

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