Crimeans spoke about the vulgarity of the visiting Russians

08:28, 19.08.21 – UNIAN

Crimeans do not like the favorite phrase of Russian propagandists about “Crimea is ours”.

Residents of the Russian-occupied Crimea are annoyed by visiting vacationers.

It is spoken about it in responses of the Russian in the personal blog on ” Yandex.Zen “.

First of all, Crimeans do not like the favorite phrase of Russian propagandists about “Crimea is ours”.

“Actually, Crimea is ours, they say, and everyone else in Crimea is a guest. Because not all vacationers understand this, some of them behave like they are at home, and it’s very annoying,” the locals say.

Due to the influx of Russians on the occupied peninsula, food and transportation prices also rose for the locals. The Kremlin-controlled occupiers do not regulate prices so that Crimean citizens who are not engaged in tourism do not overpay.

In addition, Crimeans do not like the vulgarity of the Russian visitors.

“Like, when a Russian tourist is vacationing in Turkey or Egypt, he leaves a tip,” the Russian wrote. And in the Crimea, residents of the peninsula complain, for some reason he regrets leaving them.

Crimeans also do not like garbage on the beaches. At the same time Russian tourists are not confused by dirt.

Earlier, a video of a fight between a Crimean man and a Russian visitor was published on the Internet .


    • I’m not sure which is most disgusting, the rubbish on the beach, or the fat cow in the bikini trying to look sexy.

  1. The beaches in Crimea are almost empty of people yet there is much more garbage than during the crowded days of pre-occupation. Go figure…

  2. May be they took their own garbage from home in Siberia and dumped it there. It would not surprise me at all.

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